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  1. Yeah, but what about the main files people edit? weapon.dat handling.cfg If MTA just overwrites those two? Or maybe some more. I don't know much about the files? That wouldn't make it very big right!
  2. Yes, but for those few people who really exendently teleport. Most of em do it on purpose.
  3. Or you pressed anter twice. The game freezes. (On my PC anyway)
  4. Not all over the city, they got limited range
  5. EcksDee

    Melee Mode

    I was thinking, it might be fun to have a gametype beside Vice City Stunt and Deathmatch. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Melee mode. No pistols only Katana, Basebalbat and those type of weapons!
  6. I have this too. A few days ago it started, it takes ages for MTA too load. It takes even longer after you pressed connect. And I crash every 5 to 10 min. I am not using any mod or cheat. It happens at all times on every server.
  7. Yeah, those unhandled exeptions work on my nerves!
  8. None of you know anything about that stuff? You can get mods and stuff from about everywhere. I am not gonna post any links here. That will probably get me banned
  9. Weird, I really thought it was a bug. And yes I had a mod. But it's all deinstalled now Edit; ISry I just realised I posted this in teh wrong section too.
  10. When you go into the locker room of the police station. And when you get close to the wall you will pick up a rocket launcher and it will say: Disconnected: Suspected Trainer Usage
  11. I think the admins on most MTA servers, are a little too happy too ban someone. I am still pretty much a n00b in this game, I can kill someone etc... but I only know the basic rules. Like: no cheating, no modding you know the average stuff. But then I get in a server and I "helikill" someone. Then I get banned with the message "No helikilling", I mean I am banned from one of the good few Dutch servers where I have low ping etc... Without a warning or a kick first. The admins on this game are so n00b unfriendly. On a side note, I also think a lot people cheat. But that's probably because the health shower is screwed!
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