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* SM|xenex looks at rob and wonders what he is doing in my bed

your just like clear, a yogurt hater

you people boggle my mind

thats like saying you hate serial with sugar


^ thats so awful i wanna quote it


whats wrong with that typo?

well first off its cereal

the s is close to the c

btw rob cereal


i corrected myself


yes with another mistake



how the hell do you spell it






not long after

xenex if your 18 and a 15 year old girl layed naked infront of you said said "have me" would you do her?

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[17:06:41] i'd lift any of you any day

[17:06:47] <[sM]Boss> ...

[17:06:48] well

[17:06:51] some of you

[17:06:57] not the fat ones

[17:07:06] the fat ones already broke my leg once, no thankyou

[17:07:12] it's harder to kidnap a fat person you know

[17:07:15] <%rebel> hah pwnt

[17:07:36] there were two thin ones and one fat one on my back

[17:07:42] my leg went snap

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