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question to developers mtavc0.2

Guest VooDooMan

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u idiots it old u allrdy make a version of the things they have they allrdy made it possible that more people can sit in the car and the choise of weapons and skins so they could at least make a beta

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  • MTA Team

If we have to make a release for every thing we do we would be at version 43546545464568 . Now how low can you go. You know what traffic it costs every time we make a new version? GTA3:MTA 0.3B has been downloaded a 131046 times with a total traffic of 625,5 GB and MTA:VC 0.1 112782 times with a traffic of 47.6GB, now if you look at those numbers, do you think we can make a release every day?

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Rome wasn't build in a day, neither is Half Life 2 :roll:

don't forget duke nukem forever waiting since 1998 or something :roll:

to voodoo:

if you don't like it don't play. and IF they would release 0.2 now it will be full of bugs in the passengerseat and other stuff and with that everyone would complain, so just wait like the others do and i'm sure that it's always worth waiting for MTA

off-topic: damn what a long post for me :shock:

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the only real question that can be asked is why does the progress bar arent growing for like 2 weeks as it seems to go well ?

do u guys have already set the features of the 0.2 or is it still evolving ?

u talked about occupation that's great but there won't be team ?

And about game mode people gave many idea are some of them going to be included (the easy to implement one of course) ?

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