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  1. Anderl


    You have a missing '=' in the first condition.
  2. Anderl


    That's what Google is for. Just write "lua dec" or "lua decompiler" in Google Search and here you are, millions of pages with Lua decompilers.
  3. Anderl


    There is no need to delete any files, the user can simply decompile/decrypt the files (if they're even compiled/encrypted) and delete that.
  4. It is not impossible to decompile that code, it isn't even hard unless the person really has no knowledge about that. There is no way to protect your files from being decompiled or decrypted, that has been said many times already, so this is just useless and you're wasting your time.
  5. The only thing you did was adding some flag to "luac" command from what I could see, it doesn't do much. You also added a timer so that it would seem like it took a little to compile, just useless.
  6. If I was you, I would learn Lua and do things by myself. Paying others to do the things for you is just wasting money, and they can also add backdoors on the scripts or do whatever they want with them without your consent. Also, just my opinion, but running a server and trying to be the most successful in Multi Theft Auto without even knowing how the server even works is like trying to build a computer without knowing what a motherboard is.
  7. Anderl


    License key for what? If the user wants, he can edit the code to remove that checker.
  8. I don't think you can set the health of a dead player, you would need to use spawnPlayer.
  9. You wasted your time writing something when it was the same I wrote, you just didn't get it. Also, I was just explaining the problem because I saw that some people didn't understand.
  10. Compiling is pointless because you can decompile them very easily. But FFS has some part in the script that if u decompile it, it will not be usable and is pointless. But idk how to do it. That is wrong. Use the cache attribute in your client scripts (it can still be stolen, but it's much harder and only a person with true knowledge in networking would be capable of stealling it).
  11. That doesn't matter, any folder with the name in the format "[NAME]" isn't counted as a resource, it's actually not counted - it's just for organizing better your resources.
  12. What happens is that when a player kills each other simultaneously, the player falls on the ground dead and the camera goes up (don't you know what happens when you die in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?) but it doesn't respawn the player, the camera keeps going up and up. I think this was more clear than the OP's explanation.
  13. Anderl


    Why did you use onPlayerCommand's event and didn't use addCommandHandler instead? That's what it is for. And by the way, use local variables. Time to learn.
  14. Eu penso que ele quer de todas as partes do veículo.
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