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passangers seat in mta.vc 0.2

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I wondering if I can steel the car and not just ride like un passanger in it...

But i think you guys did understand but you just wanna play dumb...

Why would we want to play dumb?

There will most likely be seperate buttons for jacking and being a passenger, so you'll still be able to do both. :roll:

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assigning buttons? how about you press enter (or f or whatever) a certain amount of times.. ive said this before kinda like once=driver twice=passenger etc.. and if somebody already chose one of them it skips you to the next number, still either way is fine with me

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I wasn't playing dumb my freind, i didnt understand what you where asking. As I stated.

The current test build does use a seperate key for getting in as a passenger, so obviously you can still jack a car as usual if you prefer.

Bus, yes there is a bus and a coach, but these are actually single seat vehicles, as when peds get into them the just get swallowed up, you do not see them go to a specific seat, the only seat in fact is the drivers that can be filled by the player. I've talked to TRX and Headfonez about the possibility of 'hacking' the coaches somehow to allow more than one player to enter, but this is somethign that will be looked into in the future when more pressing issues and additions are dealt with.

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I think we're all up to speed on that now thanks green1152... :wink:

maybe he means can he still steal the car if he gets in the right side (passenger seat) man thats confusing when its the other way round where I live :P

Same here, I pretty much always get in the wrong side and then drive off down the left hand side of the street. :?:x:D

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If there's going to be a separate key for jacking and riding, I sure hope they add the ability to map the new function to any key we want. My key config of choice is quite different from the default, so any forced keys (like T for chat) are a serious pain in the ass.

If there is no possibility to remap the new key to a key of our choice, then hopefully they'll get smart and just set it where you only use one key. You jack if you go from the driver's side, and ride when you go from the passenger's side. That's the way I would have done it, personally. It makes perfect sense, and would be the simplest way to program it too.

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It is bound to a different key yes, doing it your way (only jacking if at the drivers door) will limit gameplay, as you would no longer be able to jack in a lot of circumstances, ie when car skids and you are at other side, or you happen to be very slightly closer to the passenger door than the drivers etc.

As for if you dont want him to get in, dont give him the chance, keep moving :)

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I feel that it's just lazy to jack from the passenger's side, not to mention unrealistic. Think about it in real life terms -- if your opponent tried to jack your car by getting into the passenger's side, he'd have great difficulty physically getting you out of your car. It's much easier to pull someone out of their seat while standing outside the driver's side door than to get in from the passenger's side and push them out, especially when they'd be fighting back. :P

And both you and your opponent have guns. Him putting a gun to your head and telling you to get out is pointless when you'd just put your gun to his head and tell him to get out too. Stalemate.

I can understand jacking from the passenger's side in single-player -- you've got a gun and they don't, so they don't have a choice. But in MTA, *everybody's* got a gun, and they don't mind risking their life to keep their car from being jacked, since they'd just respawn anyway. And since you can't technically use your gun against the driver/passenger while inside the car, it makes the whole concept of jacking from the passenger's seat moot. It just adds a totally unrealistic way for you to lose your vehicle in deathmatch.

Personally, I feel this idea would be much more fun, not to mention easier to program. I'm suggesting it as a way to improve MTA as a whole, from a fan's perspective. As far as I'm concerned, adding in an extra key and requiring people to remap their preferred key layout around this new key isn't very helpful. Using the same regular get-in/get-out key would make the game easier to play, more realistic, and it might just add a bit of strategy to jacking that the game needs.

But, at the very least, adding a config file so that you can remap the chat and ride keys would be a good idea. That shouldn't be too difficult.

On a side note, if the ride key idea is kept, would it be possible to program MTA so you can use the key while driving to kick out your passenger? Just make it so that their client thinks that they bailed out of the car, and it throws them out, rolling on the ground.

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This is not correct, i think its more complicated to program it like the way you want it.

I seriously doubt it. The game is already programmed to react differently depending on which side of the car you're on when you hit the get-in key. Simply setting it to ride when you're on the passenger side should require very little manipulation (probably just remapping a single flag). Programming in a whole new key for that would take more time and effort, guaranteed. Especially when you'd have to program a way to get over to the passenger side if you hit the new ride key from the driver's side of the car.

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This is all pretty academic as all these decisions about how jacking/getting in as a passenger would work where made long ago, and the finished system is about 95% complete. So I don't think we will be changing it now.

As for realism, well perhaps you have a point, but then since when did you find automatic weapons and body armour lying around the streets? :)

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Just make it that Getting in the driver side will require being on the left of the car and being a passenger will require getting in the right of the car (and if in a 4 door car, be on the bottom right and be on the bottom left to go in the passenger seat). And it is more real like that in real Life!!!

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