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  1. kev/n


    nah golf gang would be like those old people that beat u with the clubs if u steal a cart.. damn someone needs their vitamin c
  2. seriously just ignore the cheaters, its a huge map is it really that hard
  3. lol i really dont think theres any gettin around em in 0.1.. we all have to deal with cheaters, they are the dumbass part of the game. But use mIRC and go to #mta-servers or just find one on ASE. I think I can honestly say I havent gone in a game without a cheater, ITS INEVITABLE
  4. first off - Suggestion forum second - https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... hlight=rpg ty
  5. the same questions are asked every day and the admins start to get tired of it, sometimes you have to use common sense (i.e the search tool)
  6. i thought you had to have 50 posts on this forum to start a new gang, im sure in MTA they dont want hundreds of clans
  7. kev/n


    i like the idea of an invincible scooter, ramming them off it would do the job
  8. who honestly would care for health to the exact decimal... a health bar with green, yellow, and red modes is fine... if you check the main page that health bar is very pleasing to me and i bet to many others
  9. answers to that and all more found within 30 minutes of browsing this forum, i know its harsh but do it anyway
  10. yea mine was totally legit and with barely any speed.. anyway theres a way to do it legit and its impossible to fall off. Park the PCJ right next to a clothing pickup, like the one at rafaels called "soiree". make sure a bit of the spinnin circle is touching the bike. Get off on the opposite side of the clothing then jump back on, and you will be morphed to your bike. You cant paint it and to get off of it just get off as you normally would. Im sure you all know that but if you dont, give it a try [the reason i say its legit is because its not cheating, and to get the 2001 i didnt use that trick^]
  11. where i live its about 75 canadian which is alrght priced.. use http://www.x-rates.com to figure out how much it will cost elsewhere.. and for the MTA downloads go to the main page and click the downloads link
  12. send it to me on mirc, ill host it for you. irc.multitheftauto.com #mta (link to server is on main page if youd rather) or you could get an account at http://www.angelfire.com and host it there.. free 20mb's which is fine for a picture
  13. read around the forums, read the manual included in the download and you should be all set, and i think thats quite a pointless poll
  14. i mean it can be maneuverable (however you spell it) but in order for it to make a sharp turn wouldnt it have to be as fast as like a PCJ?
  15. to play games on the computer, you need computer games... psh of course you need VC for the computer
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