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  1. Am i the only one with problems? Yeah right their is like 8 topics like this one and the game hase been realesed for some hours
  2. overworked servers? Yeah right, no matter what server i connect always crash or timeout. The mta team said that it will be less crashes in 0.2 version! MTA 0.2 SUCKS!
  3. MTA:vc 0.2 just keep crashing after 1 min. I reinstalled 1000 of times and placed it in gta:vc folder but no change. And when i enter a vechile like a passagern when no body drives it crashed emedlaty, thats maybe nothing do worrie about but it crashed after 1 min all the time. HELP!!!!
  4. Can you tell me the name off the company ho has 512mbit/s connections? I gotta get it
  5. Hi, i just started a clan named [VCO] for vicecity and i haven't no members yet. Maybe you can join and you'r be like the clans second boss Msn: [email protected]
  6. I suppose you mean the core, but what is it?
  7. What do you guys say about this view? http://www.angelfire.com/nb/20010/bilder
  8. I cant make two installs it just asks me if i want to unistal the game and if I press no nothing happens.
  9. Ok, thx. Is their a chance that i can play with the custom cars in next version of mta?
  10. After i downloaded car skins and started mta the textures like trees, roads and other stuff on the map starts to disapear and comming back, it never stops... Somebody now how to fix?
  11. Hi, i will start a clan but i need some people to join me, i will not be like a boss or something i will just start it. The thing is that only people ho talks sweish can join beacuse im from sweden and it will be difficult to talk english all the time. If any body are intrested add me to you msn or send me un email to: [email protected] so we can talk about a clan name and other cool stufs, i think it will be cool for the next mta:vc realese. Cya
  12. Yes ofcourse im sure.. Yeah i now i got it but i hoped somebody could help me cause i wanna play sp...
  13. I did that but it just shows start mutli theft auto button...
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