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Praises And Thanks


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If your going to moan and post bad comments dont post here

This thread is for good Comments only

It would be nice if most of us could add a reply here of possitive and good comments.

Thanks alot MTA Team for this Developers Preview its great fun and the foundation you guys have built is remarkable.

Cant thank you guys enough , Big Friendly Hugs for the Team.

U Guys Remain Legends!

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Positive and good comments? Well, i have something i need to let out before i can become positive again :)

Damn the MTA team for ruining a good nights sleep.

Damn the MTA team for releasing one week before my exams.

Damn the MTA team for making such a stable, fun, varied gaming experience available for free. Please, before you release another build, consider the big companies - how are they ever going to make money when they cant supply even half the fun i have had playing your mod tonight? Furthermore, i had plans to complete a couple of games before the end of this month. How am i going to be able to do that when i know i will have 10 times more fun playing MTA than the other games?

Damn the MTA team for making modding as easy as they are making it. If there is one thing i know, it is that i will never get the time needed to play all the quality mods, maps and gamemodes that will be released by the community. Not even to mention finding the time to explore the endless opportunities the map editor will provide for creating stuff and having fun at the same time.

Damn the MTA team for making me laugh while playing computer games. That's a rare thing these days where everything needs to be so serious. But while playing hay i simply couldn't stop laughing because of the funny situations created by a simple ruleset applied to a game. While not the gamemode with the longest lifetime, the situations created when you are standing 5 persons waiting for a piece of hay to move and you're suddenly pushed down by another piece of hay is simply brilliant.

With all that negativity out, lets focus on the good things.

Thank you MTA team for providing the biggest sandbox filled with entertainment since the release of MTA:race (and before that GTA:SA).

Thank you MTA team for making a so polished product that makes it possible for me to play for hours without a crash.

Argh.. Im feeling the urge to play more now. But i also desperately need to sleep. What a dilemma..

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i love the mainscreen and the credits... well ive never watched some credits this often... the game is released for only hours and ive seen the credits at least 10 times... the music rules :D

ahhhh did i forget anything? ah! the game rules too... and great gamemodes... very smooth synch and lots of fun... i would never call that a preview.

just waiting for the map editor now and im happy... actually im happy right now... its a really strange great feeling to be able to play mta dm... gonna watch the credits again... cya

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Yea Assasinator lol great post! I must say ,

Yea I got no sleep 2nite either I probably couldnt sleep if I tried hehe , Yea DarkDragon the mainscreen is a work of art :-) Credits are great 2 :D

(Back on Topic)

Keep the positive vibes coming :-).

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Ahhh... after long exhausting numerous months of waiting for MTA, I'm bloody glad it's out. I would like to thank the whole team for giving us a great mod! As it will only continue to get better and better!

- Hoss212

P.S. - I hope my Xbox Live account doesn't get automatically deleted because I'm not using it after a while. xD

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thanks mta team , this is just beta and i still don't saw bugs :D

just please change weapon skills to max (in future)

MTA IS real awnsome ,and i hope you release full 0.1 soon to ;)

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Great work MTA Team! Very impressive interface, runs very smoothly and the game modes are also pretty unique. Keep up the good work! Ill definitely be looking forward to the full 1.00 release ! Thanks again!!

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