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  1. Hello there, my name is Awesome-o, and I am one of the team members of the Appoakalypsis dev team. What is Appoakalypsis, you might ask? Well, it's a project for a roleplaying server with a post-apocalyptic theme, that deals in survival and how humanity fails to co-operate even when the darkest of times are upon them. You can find more information on our forum ( Yeah, I know, the skin is the default one, but we just recently moved to a new forum, give us some time ), and if you go into our forum, you can see that we have more then 50 members. Just some time ago, we found out our scripter does not have the time to work with us anymore, so he decided that for the good of the project, that he will stop developing the script. We need a new scripter. Are you ready to take up this challenge? To make the first real advanced roleplaying script in MTA? Well then, I think we can give you that sense of challenge you are looking for. What kind of person are we looking for: *Someone who has some experience in Lua, and is always willing to become better and learn. *Someone who will be able to help us set up a database *Someone who has time on their hands. *Someone who is dedicated *Someone who knows how to communicate and be a fun person to work with *Someone who won't leave abruptly without giving us a reason why. What do we already have in our script: *Area text talking, with /shout and /whisper commands. *A little graphics addition. *If you get shot, the screen goes red for a bit, like in some modern shooters. What do we need our script: *Database variables and etc, so we can create a database and a UCP. *And later on more fuctions, obviously. Hope I can hear from some of you soon! -Awesome-o
  2. PEOPLE, LISTEN UP. Everyone's account password has been changed to ''changeme''. Go log in and change it!
  3. We've moved. The new URL and such will be given out soon.
  4. Go register and the forum and check out all our new updates! We have a lot of new members in the forum now, like Norby, and some of the old SA-MP RP'in crew. They are cool guys, don't worry.
  5. Greetings from the Appokalypsis team! A few days ago, three people, me, a guy named Jonas and a guy named Moonshine, decided that we will try and create a roleplaying server, and we decided that it would be a different sort. You can read about it here, viewtopic.php?f=54&t=20968, but all in all, it's going to take a lot of manpower do the project, atleast, do some of things we have in mind. So, we are looking for more people who share the goal of creating a great, if not perfect, roleplaying envoirment. We already have a forum, and a website, and we have decided on a lot of things and new concepts that aren't in the post above. We need some who is experiernced in Lua scripting. We want someone to make our project a reality, and to help us learn Lua ourselves, so everyone can try and make it a reality. The question is, are you ready to partake the challange? To be admired for your scripting skills, and to be the first scripter who created an elaborate roleplaying script? Look no other way, come join our team! Here's our webiste, http://www.karlsworld.net/appokalypsis/, and our forum, http://appokalypsis.forumotion.com/index.htm. Make a little introduction post, and say that you're interested. Everything will be smooth sailing from there. Even if you can't script or can't write, but can roleplay..join our forum! You'l be a welcome addition to our community!
  6. Everyone who registers on the forums gets a free cookie!
  7. Oh damn, it seams you can't edit your old posts. Anyways. Forum: http://appokalypsis.forumotion.com/inde ... c0edae5ebf Website: http://www.karlsworld.net/appokalypsis/
  8. We, the team of Appokalypsis, want to create a roleplaying experience like no other. A deep in-depth one. This will not be a free-roam server, where many falsely take the name of a roleplay server. This is going to be a real roleplaying server, with rules, realistic names and zero-tolerance to deathmatching ( Killing someone with absolutely no RPing reason, a very crappy reason.). Now, I want you introduce you, to the story of Appokalypsis, albeit a rough draft. It will be fleshed out in time. The story It's 1992, and things have gone awry.. very awry indeed. In 1991, the coup d'état against Gorbachev and Yeltsin succeeded, removing them from power. Because the position was held by ultra-nationalists, they were killed. Then the Soviet Union started a massive stockpiling of weaponry, and they made a plan on how to destroy the US. In late 1991, a society was formed in the US called ''The League of the Workers'', which had, surprisingly, more 10'000 members, and countless contacts, and they were funded by the SU with weapons, money and bombs. In 1992 a plan was made to destroy the West... Multiple bombs will be detonated in the West, the major cities would be destroyed, and because of heated tension with China, they will be attacked too. The plan was to colonize those lands in about a century. The US found out, and because most of the bombs in North America and Europe were in place, they would need to attack military bases and the main command center. But, there were 5 possible places for the command center. No one knows who actually made it happen, but something went awry when they found a nuclear stockpile. Either the Americans accidently set off the launch, or the Russians did it on purpose, but it exploded... and the explosion destroyed most of western Russia, and irradiated the Warsaw pact states, and Finland with radiation that killed almost everyone, almost. Central Europe was irradiated, but only slightly. Soon, though, a chain reaction spread. Nukes exploded everywhere. The Nukes in China, Germany, France, the US England, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia. Iraq... of course, those nukes were a lot smaller, targeting major cities.. It's been three months now, and most of the east US coast is irradiated, along with Canada's eastern coast, making it inhabitable. South America, strangely, had a lot of secret Soviet stockpiles, so it was absolutely devastated, along with most of central America. The only habitable places in America is beyond the ''Black Line'', which reaches from a line that goes through Dallas, it curves in the south and north. It goes to about 20 miles north of Mexico City, and about 300 miles north of Vancouver in the north. Of course, there are pockets of radiation, which are divided into Blue, Yellow and Orange zones, with pockets of each scattered around, with blue zones being the rarest. Europe is divided too, but from a line stretching from Cologne, going exactly north and south, and almost all of Asia is irradiated, except South-east Asia, which follows the pocket system too. But.. the effects of the radiation will be deadly, to everyone. Unless it's stopped. There will be three things stopping the recolonization of lands. It's the fact that agriculture can only exist in blue zones, and in very rare cases, yellow zones. Second, the effects of the radiation might make humanity extinct, this will be explained in a forthcoming story update, and thirdly, something that all '"survivors" fear and will fight will rear it's ugly head. As I said, the story is a rough draft, but we have a very talented writer who is going to flesh it out. Why we didn't pick ''real life roleplay''. We've been roleplaying on GTA: SA for two years now, the most of us, and trust me, real life roleplaying gets boring . I've seen a lot of great servers pass by, but everyone slowly got bored, they wanted something new, but SA-MP didn't allow us to do anything. So, trust me. Themed roleplaying will be a lot more fun, because.. well, this is what most reallife roleplaying servers lead to.. you're either a mafiaso, a gangstuh, cop, a reporter, or a taxi. But on this server, you can be a food forager, transporter, law enforcer, a guy who builds shelters, a bandit, a raider, a ferry owner. Sounds a lot more interesting, eh? Our gameplay concept. Our server will be a premier RP server. Meaning, we will have quite high standards in letting people in, as we are going to have an application system, where you will have to write about your character. If it's good enough or we see that you have potential, you will be accepted. If your application is set to pending, don't be discouraged, just fix it up, we know you can do it, but we want to see your application in it's full glory . If you're declined, then.. well, you probably can't type a sentence properly, or didn't use proper grammar, or used leet speak. We don't want people who can't type like normal people. Now, about the gameplay. You will have goals, and you will have to try to survive. You will scavenge for supplies, as there will be an inventory system ( Not at release, probably ). Here's a little picture that will explain the inventory system, it's a concept by one of our team members. The towns will be controlled by the players, and we might add buildings and interiors if there is a roleplay reason for it, and if you have enough town members, using the level editor. There will be lots of factions. From bandits to law enforcers, from vigilantes to traveling merchants. On this server, you can be whoever you want to be ( But not anything outrageous. ). Of course, us admins will make characters too, but they will be what we call Feature Characters. Feature characters will be characters that will have a very special role in the game, like leaders of a major organization, or a very major scientist. Not only admins can be FC's, any player can become one if we think that he has made a very serious impact on the storyline. The system of FC's will be explained in a forthcoming update. There will be a game master-player system of relations. There will be lots of events, but of course, you must generate your own RP, as well. There will be a dynamic storyline, and YOU can make a difference by shooting the wrong guy, or bribing the wrong person. Also, you will have to have a great imagination. We can't script everything, and we won't. We don't want to be a completely script based roleplay server. Scripts should help in the RP, not become the key tool. They key tool is your mind, and what you make of the story. The team and the community At the moment there isn’t a very large community, but it will grow in time. So, here are some links to help you out. Forums - We don't have one yet, but we will in a weeks time, check this thread often! The Team Awesome-o, also known as Exadus - Co-founder, producer and project manager, additional creative writing, the future forum manager MSN: [email protected] SilentLink, also known as Jonas - Co-founder, main creative writer, possibly additional scripting. MSN:[email protected] Drizzeh, but known as Moonshine on this forum - Concept artist, community manager. MSN: [email protected] We don't have a host yet, but we have someone who might host, but if the negotiations fail, we will look for one. As you can see, we need a scripter ( Jonas dosen’t really know Lua, yet. ) and recruitment thread will be up shortly and will tell you how to apply. If you are interested in joining our team, add us, and we can talk about it. If you're experienced with Lua, please contact me on MSN. Please ask anything about the mod in this thread, like suggestions and comments. UPDATES COMING SOON.
  9. That is a great idea. By the way, if you start hosting MTA servers, I might be in need of your services later on.
  10. I won the bet. I just had a hunch it was going to be released today.
  11. Hey Jonas. Jonas is an RPer too, like me. I already know him for a while. Trust me, he's going to be a nice addition to the community.
  12. I'm a long time lurker around here (About two years), and I seriously can't wait for MTA: DM ( Don't know how many times you've heard that. ) But, I have a question. Is anyone planning on creating a roleplaying server on MTA:SA? And I really mean a roleplaying server. You know, application system, enforced roleplay on threat of ban. MTA:SA will seriously give us roleplayers great tools, like the map editor. So yeah, hi.
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