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  1. The last update wasn't that much long ago... the two tests were good enough as updates. I waited years for the mod... a few months won't change that. Anyway... hope everything is going alright for you guys. Later, Kemeros
  2. Hello, I just passed by the latest news post and read trough the comments. I love comments and the fact that the developers write in them sometimes but.... it's currently filled with so much garbage that it's embarrassing. I can't understand why people(even if young) would post stuff like that on a mod site. I'm putting myself in the place of a new person visiting the site, the guy must really wonder what kind of community this is. Wouldn't it be better to just disable the comments and let people register on the forum if they want to comment? later, Kemeros
  3. I see, thx for the update Mr Jax. Kemeros
  4. Reading the changelog was in my weekly ritual when it came around. Now that it's down... i feel I'm missing something. Is it fixable? Can I hope to have the pleasure to read it again some day? BTW: Your mod still rules. I can't wait for dp3 to come out. No rush though... having plenty of fun in dp2 =) later Kemeros
  5. Kemeros


    LOL.... That's a good plan to have the game or mod banned in half the countries haha...
  6. Awesome can't wait to the the peds in action...
  7. Thx for letting us know Lil Toady. Hope to hear news from you guys soon. As for the wiki... I looked a bit but couldn't find what you were referring to... Kemeros
  8. I was going to start a similar thread when i saw yours. I was wondering too why the changelog was dead since almost 20 days. That's not two weeks but almost 3. Understand me well though... I'm not trying to flame the team at all. I'm just curious about the recent happenings with your awesome mod. I know how 3 weeks could bring major stuff in the change log before. So i am quite eager to ear the news. Although it might possible you guys stumbled on a hardcore bug or something that slowed down things... or maybe you are trying to squeeze in something in the next release... who knows? Will be waiting to hear from you guys eagerly Kemeros
  9. Now imagine a server full of people with those powers.... that would be some awesome deathmatch right there haha.
  10. I believe he means to give him ideas for new modes and stuff. And this is a free mod. What do you want him to give you anyway?
  11. I had this idea while eating some good pasta. Wouldn't it be cool to have a mode similar to supersmash? I'm not saying i can make it, since i probably lack the scripting skills to do it. Might take a look into it though. It would be fun to swing the katana at someone and see him fly lol. My only question is... is there any way to change the camera view with scripting? Kemeros
  12. Kemeros

    Hay mode ;)

    NICE, and the idea of talidan is great. I'd love to play that mode.
  13. Yes, it would also prevent that, it's true. Kemeros
  14. Hi, i had this idea today: Why not make it so 3 people or more need to ask for a votekick on someone? That way, you are sure that the person deserve to be kicked/banned. People tend to be exited when they see the kick or ban menu appear and are kick to click kick/ban even if they don't know what the person did. Exemple: Some guy starts to spawn kill in a freeroam server. / different people all do the votekick/voteban command on that person THEN the vote begins. That way you prevent useless kicks or undeserved kicks/ban. I'd like to hear people's toughts on this. Kemeros
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