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where do i find the apache helicopter..


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apache heli? :shock: first of all i assume you mean vc second i think you mean the hunter heli, you can find it after you finish the game in the military base (its near the airport) though you better get a cop uniform or the troops will pump your ass :)

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furst off all you need to hve all the missions then you need 100 secret packeges of you have that then its at 2 places. 1 heli is some more to the left from the ducks. The second heli is at the marine. (try to get it whitout the cop uniform).



The Don

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yup. after you get 100 packages, you find the hunter at the back of the army base(you dont need to complete the game). the cop uniform is delivered to the police statoin after you beat the mission "Cop Land" so that makes it real easy to get the hunter. never seen it at these other places that people suggest its at. maybe its just my game.

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i once snuck in (w/o the cop uniform) to the base. slowly. and i took the humv. they ddint shoot once until i was out of the base.

i didnt c the hunter. i even went and hovered above the base w/ a reg heli and didnt c nething but ground vehicles.

i saw the H but no hunter. i didnt beat the game yet or get all the pkgs but i read in many places that u need 2 beat the game 1st. my friend has like 5 pkgs but beat the storyline and he saw the hunter

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You need to finish the game or get all the packages. then it will be near the airport in the military base.

Best way of getting it without the cop unifrom is get another chopper

then land near the hunter only if the coast is clear. if there are troops near the hunter just go back and come again.

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