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Hi leader. No worries, we are all weird. :D Do you want screenies here or not? My terrorists is complete. I just must convert it to work with GTA.

BTW. I have been playing with animations in 3D SMax. I think I can make a kick-ass trailer for the mod if you want. What do you think?

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Cant show it now for I am new to animations. I am sure that when the mod is complete, I will make a great intro movie.

And as far as the terroist skin, I do not have XP and can not take screenshots for some reason in ME. If I ever figure out how to convert the file, I can do a screenshot from the game.

SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a quick question... do you need gta3 and vice city in order to play this mod?

hmm - what can i say to this... please read the faq before posting, I guarantee it will save you a lot of embarresment.

oh incase you havent guessed by now, gta3PC is required to play.

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:lol: hello i am the second member of the redspike team and would like to say that the modding is coming along very nicely and its progressing very well

so the mod will be having some very fine adjustments like my job the map editor. :lol:

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this gtawo will surely turn out to be very cool. i like the idea already. but the thing what was confusing me is that redspike just said the first release is near, but you need gta:vc for it.. instead of gta3, because of the better engines, texturing, effects and stuff

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I just kinda wish that they'd leave out the cop storyline. I'm gonna be to busy playin with other people to be wanting to play any single player games. just seems like another complication put in. still tryin to figure out how they gonna two cities together. I don't think they'll be able to put a bridge conecting the two(unless along the bridge there is some trigger for it to start loading up the other map). think the airport will be about the only way to do it.

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>> IJsVogel

REALLY ? It is close ?

So cool !!! It means mta for vice will be released soon before... :D

Red leader has done too fast announce, as usual ;). No, we're not so soon for a release because :

* Red leader meant to use GTA:VC for both map of Liberty and Vice, and has nearly ported Liberty into Vice engine. But, there's a huge problem that i (and Tonton) don't want to have with it : it's problems with Rock*. In fact, porting LIberty into Vice means copyrigth problem, and mess with Rockstar. As I don't want (and Tonton, and perhaps mta team) want to have juridical problem with Rockstar, we won't porting liberty into vice.

* Releasing a beta of WO for multiplayers mean we have a perfect version of mta for both VC and GTA3 (mta is an exemple, since i played with Redspike in VC using a GGM-style multiplayer mod (->.scm changes, but only walking and driving feature, no weapon sync, no damage sync, no time sync, no horn sync :D)

* Releasing a beta of WO with single player means about 1-2 year of work for a single mission coder, surely less for more mission coders.

Perhaps we'll release an alpha with only this feature : going from Vice to liberty and liberty to vice, but no multiplayer, and nothing to do in the city. That would be crap ('cause the idea is really easy to steal after you see it).

Yakuzzza, WO(ot) team member

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