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  1. so this is the mod that will combine VC and LC?
  2. they are attempting to do it, i know a bit on the programing side and my teacher told us to mod a game, we tryed 6 different games and they all wouldent compile on windows that is exactly how modding is, some things just cant be done and but if they do get this done look at what a amazing effort it will take to merge 2 engins THANKS MTA FOR YOUR ATTEMPT
  3. hell if they can do GTA VC in GTA3 then they can do GTA3 in GTA VC with little effort
  4. well if it is that way will it be avalible for VC also?
  5. xerox u should know, u know the mod ppl they announced this can u plz clear this up? i getting royally confused
  6. lol it isnt out yet but read the second news artical it suggests both games together in 1 playable world
  7. isnt the gtaw, mta3 teams trying to put both worlds together? like libraty city and vice city in the same game so u got 6 areas to go to instead of just 3?
  8. so if i get VC will i be able to play the mod too? or is it only GTA3
  9. hmm ps2 may WANT gta exclusive again but microsoft has a deep pocket wonder who will get it
  10. Let me start off with giving u the link http://xbox.ign.com/articles/400/400591p1.html for the ppl to lazy to click it will be multi console and oct 2004 it is called Grand Theift Auto: World I say Ya cuz firstly GTA hasnt been released for any other console other then PS2, also it says Xbox 2 will be one of the consoles and i dont think that oct 2004 we will c a Xbox 2, that seems to soon that they would kill Xbox
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