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hell or heaven


would u like to go to hell or heaven  

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  1. 1. would u like to go to hell or heaven

    • hell
    • or heaven

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i guese hes perents just were some monkeys and thay did whatever they did in those days (monkey stile maybe? :P ) and there poped out of the females monkey after 9 long monthes 2 really smart children that had a gine of ...uhh... reproducing with eachother and so the human kind started to exist. and gient 6 miles long marmalade spiders a crouling up my 6th toe.

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lmfao, we're just lucky we've got a solar system with 9 planets here, and lucky we even exist.. it's just because of mutating organisms and stuff, the way nature goes.

you know, if we die, we will respawn somewhere else :P

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