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  1. I think Activision are envious of the success that Rockstar Games has achieved. I think True Crime will be good, but it will probably be an emulation of GTA 3 and Vice City with added features and improved graphics. Nothing will make the same impact as the GTA series did, as you're well aware of. My opinions on the game: Too unrealistic Good Graphics Interesting Features I will check out the game however, I doubt you'll have as much freedom as you do in the GTA series.
  2. I went ahead and bought: Albatron Px865PE PRO ICUE 98-SLW-BK Mid Tower ATX Case with 420Watts Power Supply Christmas i'm going to buy an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and 512mb of ram
  3. My motherboard doesn't have an AGP slot (thanks dell) so I'm buying a new motherboard, case and vid card. My budget is 200$ and this is what I have so far: Ahanix Ultra-compact tower ATX Case Model G20 - Retail 15$ @ New Egg Epox EP-4PEAD Socket 478/ Intel 845PE/FSB 533/8X AGP/Audio/ ATX Motherboard 60.95$ @ House of Computers ATI RADEON 9600 256MB DDR AGP 8X TV OUT / DVI 118.85$ @ House of Computers Is that a smart choice? Do you know of anything cheaper? Thanks!
  4. Silly brainwashed christian
  5. T.V. is gay Filled with bullshit
  6. Only death is real
  7. Pros: Easy to use Small Everything right in front of you so your ready to go! Cons: Not really attractive It would be nice to have a built in server list other than ASE but it doesn't really bother me. Overall The pros overule the cons I give it aa 8/10
  8. You can't get over a bug that doesn't allow you to play. Bugs make no one happy I hope they release it very soon! The past month or so as gone extremely slow. Thanks!
  9. Ark Of Thought

    hey all u....

    This is a product (rap is not music) I hate with a passion I really like what xerox said Finally someone with a taste in real music and hasn't been sucked into the virus we call "mainstream music" or commercialism ect ect
  10. Things I like Music Family Friends (very few) Computer Individualism Things I hate false music People TV Socialism (most of the time) Trends [edit]Cigarettes[/edit] People Religion aka slavery People People Sorry i'm not like the blind and wailing horde we call todays society
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