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Mobster Mentality Official Trailer Released. Enjoy!!


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In Vice City, anything goes. Two rival families, the Avici Family and the Vargas Family, have been in a ceasefire for over 3 years, but all of that is about to change..

After a car bombing which claimes The Avici Family's don's wife, Don Atteli of the Avici Family has no other choice but to subside with his anger and need for revenge. Now begins a war in Vice City between two major crime families that will never be forgotten.

Mobster Mentality promises to be something that has never been precedented in any other MTA or VC-MP film. It is something that will be unique and like no other.

There are still some final scenes to be filmed, and anyone is welcome to participating, there are no direct cast members so its all cool. I will post up the dates soon enough.

Link to Trailer below


Thank you to everyone that has helped me out so far with this hella hard film. Big thanks to Erorr404 for making this great trailer.. A very big thanks to my dawg Eclipse and lil homie Fatboy, with being right beside me throughout the filming, and helping me out whenever I needed it.

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usually a traailer release something people release when they give up on making the entire film. hope this isnt true for you.

why is that? I'm the one who made the trailer, eclipse is the one making the actual movie, so it's not like this bites into the movie's editing time.

im glad you guys enjoyed the trailer, everything in it was drake's idea. ive worked on it for so long yesterday i cant stand watching it anymore, lol.

there's been a lot of work put into the movie and it should be awesome when it's released. :D

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* * * trailor updated * * *

because some of the credits were missing, we decided to edit it to add them in and re-render it. and since we weren't happy with the second half of the trailer (the second assortment of action scenes in particular), i made some changes to that as well. now, the trailer feels more complete as a whole. :P

download link to the updated version is still the same as the old one (posted above).

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