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  1. Liviu


    Thank you Hending Come on people try it out, it isnt hard to make but the idea is original and it's somewhat challenging to finnish..
  2. Liviu


    Mkay here's a proper stunt map, finnish this and consider yourself a wallride...intermediate. I can't up to mta center so here it is It's not that entertaining for the noobies and it's more annoying than fun but it feels nice to see yourself on top.
  3. Bump Bump Bump ! I just didnt feel like making another topic and i also need some information not in any way related to the 1st post, so here goes What kind of connection would one need to play Warcraft 3 : TFT, not WOW, im askin bout WARCRAFT, without lagging? I mean, there's no ping-o-meter in War3, if you lag a little you get delayed responses and if you lag a lot you just f*k up everyone's game with a 'waiting for *me*' screen.As in MTA there's sync needed but, the max player limit being 12 and i guess a lot less stuff to sync, any one who's in the know care to take some guesses
  4. Liviu

    answer my question please

    Yeah i alsoi played MTA : VC on my LAN But i guess i can't play MTA : SA on LAN eh?
  5. I don't need to interact with anything when stunting, unlike racing, at most i have to wait for someone whos packer (for example) to set it up for a p2b, then everything else could freeze for all i care, i just need it to move more realistically(30+ fps) so i have better reaction times.I tried to understand your post but i failed. I'm not english and frankly i didnt understand one fkin word out of it, i just hope my explanation is on-target, lol.
  6. ROFL On the right track tho !
  7. Liviu

    Has GTA lost it?

    It's loosing the feel , the atmosphere but not the fun, i mean its one thing to be a yellow dot collecting protection for el burro or uncle fu and its a totally different thing to run around stealing jetpacks and aircraft.I consider VC excellent style-wise, the missions, the speech, the radio, the cars the clothes, everything makes it very classy and enjoyable, i cant say the same for SA alltho the latter has 10x better psihics and its a lot bigger and more complex. It depends on what you are interested in, graphics size and complexity it's headed for the better, enjoyment and atmosphere-wise its in freefall,i can't say i enjoy being an afro american running errands for a dirty cop & such.
  8. Great map, thank you for having the patience and inspiration to create it, soooo relaxing
  9. I played it...it's extraordinary... a bit buggy at places (it needs more safety fences one falls a lot) and theres a bend in the sandking wich if u dont approach at high speed the 1st time u get stuck..other than that its fantastic...the ending is a bit dull tho.
  10. What's it called my good man, it looks like it's had a fair ammount of work put into it, Stuntport is it? or ..?
  11. I don't know about you but im struggling this hard because for stunting (no not the MTA default map, thats childs play) i must have good fps...to react to the environment, wheelie in the right moment, steer at an exact point, (stop to) cork or krail at a precise time and so on. I can't do this stuff accurately at ~22-25 FPS, let alone race with another 20 people. 30 FPS frame limiter would be....acceptable. I don't know about users with high-end PC's but if one has a crappy PC then he should play at 640x480 with low detail so he can stand a chance in MTA. If he likes to play at 1024 but with 18~23 FPS then its not MTA's fault he is allways slowest in a straight line.Someway or another, i guess(not sure about this one) if a PC can run SA it can run it at 30(with low everything)..it doesnt apply for 64 MB video cards and such but most of us have 128(+).
  12. Liviu

    Look at me!

    HAhahaha where did you get that? do reply,pls
  13. Is the bike skill set to 100% too? It doesnt feel like 100% anyway,when you start to accelerate the bike goes into a wheelie by itself,this doesnt happen in single player.Maxing out all skills would be a good idea
  14. Liviu


    I think that respawning according to the map is the best solution.So,if the map has 1 or more checkpoints in it(race) then you CANNOT respawn.If it's a freeroam or one of many stunt maps then you can respawn all you like since it isnt harming anyone.As for 'Cops and robbers' and such maps,make it a race,with 1 checkpoint somewhere where you cannot reach it(like out at sea) and everyone will be forced to ram eachother to the death.I hope a developer reads my idea and thinks about it
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