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Found 2 results

  1. [EUROPE]Balkan DayZ [REOPENED][INTERNATIONAL] SERVER STATUS : ONLINE SERVER IP : mtasa:// Everybody is wellcome!! Features: Group System Zombie System International Europe BASES & FREE BASES FOR 5 MEMBERS NO LAG Staffs: Admin: xTz Server needs couple moderators. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ZNEXT: ZOMBIE RPG Hello everyone and welcome to a new post from ZNEXT: ZOMBIE RPG. In this post I'm gonna show you why does ZNEXT is one of the greatest MTA servers. First of all, let's see what does the server contains and why it's just awesome: ZOMBIES (It own zombiegamemode). Diferent zombie types: Warrior, Ghouls, Armored, Chainsaw, Runner, etc. 2 Zombie bosses. Combo system. You can combo the zombie kills and get higher prizes. BANDITS Bandits bases you can conquer. (You earn money and XP) Diferent bandit types: Recruit, Sniper, Gladiator, Centinela, etc. 3 Bandit bosses. JOBS Various Jobs: Mechanic, builder, medic, etc. PVP (CLAN WARS) Clan System. Clan bases. (Everyone can get it accomplishing certain requirements.) Reputation system. (You earn money and XP killing other clan members and conquering clan zones.) Rank system: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Challenger and Master. VEHICLE SYSTEM Buy and sell almost all the GTA SA vehicles. Tunning area. (You can custom your vehicles.) Special vehicles: Tank, Hunter, Hydra, etc. MISIONS Earn money and XP doing RPG style misions. AMBIENTATION Ambient music and sounds. (New weapon sounds, zombies, etc.) New world textures. Realistic skins and weapons mods. CORE SYSTEM Diferents and useful powers: Armor regen, life regen, etc. PLAYER UPGRADES Upgrade your own character: Increase your max health, and improve your weapon skills. LOOTBOXES Kill zombies and earn lootboxes. (The loot boxes contains: Special weapons, masks, dances, fightstyles, etc.) VIP SYSTEM Help us to maintain the host donating and getting exclusive privileges without being Pay To Win. Here is some of those: Exclisive access to special vehicles, custom skins, custom vehicles skins, exclusive tags, laser aim, and much more functions! And like a picture is worth a thousand words, I'm gonna show you how does ZNEXT looks in practice: BANDIT BASES: BANDIT TOWER TO CONQUER: MAPPING: (BASE) BASE EXAMPLE: (MARKERS) CLAN BASE: (Raccoon City PD actual base): BANDIT BASES: NICE AMBIENTATION: As you can see, ZNEXT is a great PvE and PvP server to have fun with friends, and there's still more things to discover about it, what are you wating for so? ZNEXT is waiting for you. Thank you for watching and reading, I hope you liked, If you did, please share this post and help us to keep growing and improving this awesome experience.
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