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Found 8 results

  1. Como faço para desabilitar os sons de tiro que ficam no fundo quando o player está em Los Santos ? Tentei o seguinte código: addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function( ) setAmbientSoundEnabled( "general", false ) setAmbientSoundEnabled( "gunfire", false ) setWorldSoundEnabled (5, false) end ) Não funcionou... Alguém pode me ajudar ? Desde já agradeço!
  2. When I'm entering the local server, the default minimap always appears. Is there any way to disable it?
  3. Help! How to disable weapon muzzle (fire) from replaced weapons? I even replaced the textures of the new weapon models in the txd workshop, but this did not help. I will be grateful
  4. I'm confused, I have not found almost anything about this, I can not turn off the gun, I think the command togglecontrol can help me but I do not know how to use it :(.
  5. i created a dx panel, and i created some onClientClick event for this panel. but when i hide the panel, the onClientClick events are working.. how to fix this?
  6. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=3251 I downloaded this script, but when i move a player to jail, he can access the FR GUI, and "escape" from jail. How can i disable FR GUI access from imprisoned peoples?
  7. Hi i'm newbie on server création and i don't know how to disable maps when i'm join the server. Thank you for the help you bring me
  8. ---server function warpMe(targetPlayer) local interior = getElementInterior(targetPlayer) setElementInterior(source, interior) setCameraInterior(source, interior) if getElementData(targetPlayer, "IsWarpLocked") then outputChatBox("Ez a játékos nem engedte meg, hogy rá warpoljanak!", source, r, g, b, false) return end if isPedDead(source) then spawnMe() end local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(targetPlayer) if not vehicle then -- target player is not in a vehicle - just warp next to him local x, y, z = getElementPosition(targetPlayer) clientCall(source, 'setPlayerPosition', x + 2, y, z) else -- target player is in a vehicle - warp into it if there's space left if getPedOccupiedVehicle(source) then --removePlayerFromVehicle(source) outputChatBox('Get out of your vehicle first.', source) return end local numseats = getVehicleMaxPassengers(vehicle) for i=0,numseats do if not getVehicleOccupant(vehicle, i) then if isPedDead(source) then local x, y, z = getElementPosition(vehicle) spawnMe(x + 4, y, z + 1) end warpPedIntoVehicle(source, vehicle, i) return end end outputChatBox("No free seats left in " .. getPlayerName(targetPlayer) .. "'s vehicle.", source, 255, 0, 0) end end function(player) setElementData(player, "IsWarpLocked", true) else removeElementData(player, "IsWarpLocked") end addEvent( "warponoff", true ) addEventHandler( "warponoff", root, giveWeaponsOnSpawn ) ---client function warponoff ( ) triggerServerEvent("warponoff", getLocalPlayer(), group) end {'chk', id='Warp', onclick=warponoff, width=60},
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