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  1. We've just added the Turkish language to the server. The server can now be played in these languages: We've also hidden the "Super punch effect" by default so it doesn't annoy players that don't use it (ie. when building, etc). You can re-enable it with F4 settings. The super punch effect is an original idea, which lets players fly through the air, and do other really cool stuff by punching with their fist at the right time. Future plans for the server includes changing the respawn system and inventing some way that players can get more action by playing on the server without having to build a base and do all of that. I'm still not sure how to do that, but I'll come up with something. The development in general comes and goes, depending on whenever I feel like working on the server, but the server is always online and it's working great. So you can play anytime!
  2. That is so weird, but also very cool! Thanks for posting
  3. Thanks Shady1. Good work. This topic can be locked now
  4. Nixon

    MTA CIT2

    Why don't you use any other weapons except grenades, sniper and deagle?
  5. Personally, I'm not a fan of freeroam servers. It just feels boring when you can have any car and weapon for free.
  6. Alright, we're not supposed to argue about resources or accuse each other. I will remove my text.
  7. Alright, I'll get in touch with Shady and see if we can work something out. Akoya and Gurkan, sorry but Shady has very good reputation, so I'll try to work something out with him first.
  8. I already bought this gamemode with an agreement not to keep selling this.
  9. I already bought this gamemode with an agreement not to keep selling this.
  10. I love your work! Looking forward to your next transformation of regular houses like you did for Los Santos and these trailers. Very good. I prefer transformations of regular houses than complicated buildings. Regular and empty houses like the ones you did in LS and these trailers have nice empty interiors, which players on my server can use to build something. It works great with base building where they can just put 1 door, and now they have their own personal house, where they can build more stuff inside.
  11. Thank you for the update. I finally got around to replacing the older version in my server. The updated version works well. Each model can have it's own LOD. Very nice.
  12. I downloaded it and started using it. It didn't take me that long to figure it out. It's pretty cool. Thanks for your hard work! Two things. 1: It would be nice to add an entire folder with files instead of having to type them individually. 2: I have something like this in another replace script to set lod distance: if ( existsCol ) then col = engineLoadCOL(colPath) engineReplaceCOL ( col, id ) engineSetModelLODDistance(id,500) -- This end I'm not sure if that fits within the theme of your script to have that, but I thought I'd mention it because I would personally need that lod.
  13. I just want to say good job. Maybe I'll buy it some day. The only thing I personally don't like about the script is that you have to click with the mouse to do stuff. It's not very user friendly for servers where people only use their mouse when they have opened a panel/window. I prefer it if it was just done with colshapes. Go in colshape and press a button for example, to take stuff. And go in colshape and press a button on keyboard to drop stuff. If I buy your script, then I would have to change everything about the mouse clicks and use colshapes and keyboard buttons instead. Maybe you can make another version. Otherwise, the idea of the script seems reasonably fun. Players have to run to different shelves to check and get the right one. I mean, it's pretty cool. I also like the drop off point where you have a red/green shader on the ground. That's pretty awesome.
  14. I own a Rust inspired MTA server, which you can read about here: I'm trying to find a person who will translate a few thousand lines of text from English to Turkish. I like Turkish people and I would love to give them an opportunity to enjoy my server in their native language. I have a long translation file with a bunch of text and I basically need the person to add new lines for tr and translate them. Example: ["lobbyName"] = { en="Welcome", pt="Bem-vindo", es="Bienvenido", ru="Добро пожаловать", ar=" اهلا بك", }, Add tr="asdasdasdasd", I can pay you 10 € on Skrill or Paypal if you do a good job and translate my entire translation file, which should take you something like 8 hours.
  15. An RP server needs to be completely amazing to gain popularity. Do you know how to program in lua?
  16. Development of the server has continued. I would like to welcome Russian speaking players to the server now. The translations are practically all done now and it's definitely possible for Russian-speaking players to have fun in the server now. 28/3-2022 - Added special woods. - DGS and MTA update. - Dynamic systems rewrite. - Game files can now be downloaded via http server, which is faster. 29/3-2022 - Added a lot of translations for all languages, but especially Russian. - Chainsaw now works on special wood. 30/3-2022 - Made treasure chests a little easier to loot. - Fixed bugs with translations 4/4-2022 - Fixed problem with free stuff not working. - Fixed problem with enforcer gear drop not working. - Fixed problem with xp vials not leveling up correctly. 6/4-2022 - Added 50 new trees - Added a new radioactive zone and more loot to Palomino Creek - Added new LS houses and pizza restaurant 7/4-2022 - Fixed translations for F5, F9, login panel that didn't work. - Lowered turf war UI position so it's not blocked by teleports. - You gain more woodcutting XP now when using a chainsaw.
  17. I love it. Looks great! Please make one for Las Venturas and one for San Fierro too.
  18. OK, I bought the server. Mazvis please confirm here.
  19. We are still working hard on the server. 26/2-2022 - Made it easier to register an account. You can see code in chat now instead of only in email. - Safes now get correctly destroyed by rockets/rpg - Improvements to scrap for construction experience points feature - Fixed bug with woodcutting and mining experience - Made it possible to read updates on the F1 default page - Removed thirst and hunger for players with less than 10 hours of playtime - Added cool side notification that shows how much XP you gained.
  20. When was the last time that you cleaned the heatsink grills inside your PC for dust? Your fans may be working extremely hard because there is so much dust. I had the same problem with my notebook PC and my fans were very loud. Then after some weeks, the fans completed stopped working. I had to order new fans from China.... .. Dont let this happen to you. CLean your heatsink grill today! Ps: Remember to disconnect the battery of your notebook PC if u start opening it and touching it. And only use dry cotton swabs to clean the grill.
  21. I own a Rust inspired MTA server, which you can read about here: I'm trying to find a person who can work for me with converting images and 3D models from the game Rust to MTA. I am also interested in learning how to do it myself. And I may be interested in buying some Rust images and 3D models that you may have already converted.
  22. Good luck with the search! Is your server available yet for testing and trying it out to see what you have done so far?
  23. Development on the server has started again - Added Russian flag and beginning Russian translation - Added new player help message if player is under 30 min in server - Fixed small styling error with clock - Added new pissing feature when thirsty to get water at the cost of health - Zombies can kill players with guns instead of only wounding them - Removed the math quiz from chat and implemented it in a new system that uses a panel - Added a button with a Discord link to the lobby screen
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