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  1. I've been banned from the discord server probably because I was frustrated
  2. Will pay for someone to teach me EVERYTHING about mapping, that includes custom mapping, use of 3dsmax and blender, importing stuff into the MTA map, textures etc.
  3. I think i know what's the issue, add me on discord: $$$#5586
  4. Pravim Engleski RP server i treba mi pomoc sa skriptama i mapovanjem. Ako zelite da mi pomognete udjite u discord server: https://discord.gg/973M3K4F Hvala u napred.
  5. How do I make custom roads that go where ever I want to and manipulate surfaces like for example making slopes or making the whole surface flat?
  6. I want to add new weapons and cars with their new ID's, like, 10 types of pistols etc.
  7. Also if you can assist you're welcome to join the server!
  8. No, but I got someone who can do that for me
  9. Looking to start a brand new English Serious RP Server, it's gonna be Text Based. Set in fictional Winneton County (Set in modern day in Red County) I'm looking for mappers, scripters, managers etc. Sadly I cannot pay anyone because I'm not really rich If you'd like to join and contribute for free you can join the official WCRP - Winneton County Roleplay Discord Server! - https://discord.gg/u57dKhmVPc Together we can make an amazing Roleplay Server that everyone loves to play on!
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