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  1. Greetings to all the people that is reading here, i would like to have a talk with Dutchman to talk about something related to MTA, but i am banned from MTA Discord. How i can have contact? Thank you
  2. Oi, eu sou Cartman o Cachorro malo. Eu vou a preguntar a comunidade que falan a lingua portuguesa si vcs gostan de jogar solos o com amigos. É uma boa pregunta, obrigado.
  3. Buenas gente, cómo este canal es OFF-TOPIC voy a hacer esta pregunta medio boluda. Como sabrán todos estamos acá porque jugamos Multi Theft Auto, y quería saber que tipos de juego juegan (valga la redundancia). Varios modos pueden ser Zombies, Roleplay, Freeroam o quien sabe, bastantes más. Pongan una respuesta. Lastimosamente hace mas de 5 meses que no puedo jugar porque Dutchman me baneo, estoy esperando respuesta, recomienden modos de juego para cuando vuelva a jugar, gracias.
  4. F5A18DFF57509D3F91BF6200681E2F63 One of my serials, i have another computer Reason of ban: Ddos (unfair) consider my ban unfair because of this reasons: I didn't make any ddos attack, what I said was that I did a DDOS (my mistake) @Dutchman101 @Tut
  5. Well, i have played a lot of Roleplay but freeroam is fun. Between this options, what game mode do you like to play? Freeroam or Roleplay.
  6. Hello, i want to inform myself to know which are the best hosting servers for MTA. Before i was banned from the platform i was trying to create a server, but this was frustrated. I have the hope that i am going to be unbanned, so i would like to know which are the reccomended hosting services. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, i would like to ask where i can appeal my discord ban. I have seen that in the post it says "ask a question" there i can appeal? Thanks for your time, if i'm being anoying please let me know.
  8. Hi everyone, this is my global ban appeal. Reason of ban: Alleged ddos attack to a hispanic MTA server(Proyecto Mila). I am going to present reasons why i consider my global ban unfair and why the person who report me has malicious intentions. Why the MTA staff should consider my uban? Well, first of all i consider my ban unfair because of this reasons: I didn't make any ddos attack, i am sure that i didn't make that. Maybe i am a suspect because recently i have been banned from Proyecto Mila because of some personal issues with the owner (Platin) but a ddos attack is not the way to get unbbaned. I am almost sure that Platin made me a malicious report again'st me. The thing what i did is that i have said that i make a ddos attack, but saying is different to make, i am almost sure that the allegated ddos was based on this proof of me saying that i make an ddos attack. If platin had passage the discord evidence i would like to say that it can be easily edited with HTML, thanks. F5A18DFF57509D3F91BF6200681E2F63
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