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  1. I received an email today about a friend and active member of the MTA community. Since some people may not read this entire thread, more info from Robpol86 Update (via email again) Best wishes to Vic on getting better. Join #Get_Well_Chiefslapaho to show support for Chief.
  2. The Faction is 1 year old as of today
  3. Match w/ NS (Night Stalkers): Win TF-2 NS-1
  4. There's a wonderful server listing HERE. You can search by player, server, etc.
  5. 2 matches w/ FKU First match: Win TF-2 FKU-0 Second match: Loss TF-1 FKU-2
  6. I can see why KFC would do such a thing, I was there and it was indeed a fun time. I didn't use any modified files though. I was invited to it through teamspeak and joined. I thought it was just a regular .2.2 server, then I saw the miniguns. After killing a guy I could actually pick one up and use it. Apparently in .2.2 all the weapons were synched. I saw smoke grenades, and of course the camera too. I don't even know what guns were included in .2.2, and at the time thought the minigun and all the others were part of it. Anyways, from my perspective I see why KFC did this, as it was all in good fun, and people should just drop it. However, they did violate the EULA, which is illegal. As far as calling them cheaters, they didn't do it in a public server and didn't have an unfair advantage over everyone. When I played almost everyone had a minigun, including myself. Its not like they cheat in public, and they certainly aren't harming anybody by doing so in their own server. It does still violate the EULA though, which is a big no-no. Now I hope nobody starts accusing me of having modified files, I've never even modded VC single player. I'd suggest that people just wait until a member from the MTA team shares his opinion on the subject.
  7. REX, looks like you have some training to do!
  8. Two new [FT] division members, Badzx and Telivar8 *EDIT* Also added Ice to the [FT] division
  9. Yeah, this thread has been here for ages, but nobody has posted in it...
  10. [TF]JoStud

    Half-Life 2

    Half-Life 2 is like... no word can describe it. Its great though, makes Doom III cry.
  11. Uh... I dunno how I posted that here, I swear I was posting it in the Helicopter mod thread... So yea, it's a mis-post I wouldn't ever double-post either...
  12. Its really annoying when you don't mean to do it, and he dives to the side, only to get up with a stubby or stream of bullets in the face... I wouldn't miss it.
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