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  1. And i am not from us or UK so go fukya havint said i am best on english so what is your problm idiot.You nikfaig///
  2. You are soo angry calm down don't get all in a tissy. If I can get you to make that post I need to add nothing except... laugh owned ignored Fukya hate Bitches like you..
  3. yes you did Well I asked a gang related question? If you have 6 leaders aren't they all co leaders? Just trying to help.. jeeze you people and your inferiority complexes keep hating on us.. that's what you get trying to help ppl. I am getting the feeling Im not wanted and it's ironic to hear this request from you since you are maybe the worst offender ever. KungFu...out NS please keep your ugly mouth into right words you talk about another subject and NS was ret-ard too much and fuked... KFC = KungFagGay FukingAsshole Club Ýou Sux, u mother and grampa is betther than u sucker go suck your asshole clans ####S Bitch u started your fake ugly post couse u want more count on your F.A.G post counter.. go fukya self
  4. KungFu...out KFG = KungFagGay and those spam alot KFC = KungFuGrip Fan Club Was KFC name befor you changed it? why it stance Finger Clicking Good and KFC Chickien Didnt you mean KFC like in your fan club u said it too me when i was in KFC KFC clan sucked anyway
  5. i agree apart form thae last 2 should be the oposit way about liker this Ducking - Bronze Standing on light pole - Silver Breakdancing - Gold Crap in the mouth - Platinum agree....
  6. didnt u see anyway he know that know...
  7. Lol i have alredy said that he understand after 1 time
  8. yes its boring and when i try wheelie all try drive over my bike and thing so i most do from the begin again.... it was boring when i made my 7 min but its not so hard make more if noone tryes too fall u down and its st8 away then i can make maybe more than 60-70 min but when i made my 7 min they try make me fall and things drive with big cars infront of me l0l...
  9. Thx, thats shame it dont work, try reinstall mta or gta then i think it will work, if it not, go on topics and then, problems and bugs, if u still dont find contact a moderator like mr.bump and mr.bill, or the other moderators that know can help u ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lol... if u soo good do that then my record is 7 minutes this is my first old i will take sceenie 7 min but if u can make 30 then u are good, if not a lier
  10. my little wheelie i can do betther but this is my first wheelie made it some weeks ago but hadint relese it.
  11. l0l... i dont still know what they talk about.... ive been on kfc gang befor when it was maybe like 3 members but after that my mta didnt work so was forced too quit kfc...its still a point less tread this will not get you back in the clan what i think so and its filling the databas so point less post not good for the databas even if they kick u what does this help just forget this and join another clan if u so good or play single for awhile...
  12. Hmm... Quit a clan, point less tread what i think...
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