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  1. No, a high ping is not cheating because that depends on the connection. Even i have a high ping with ADSL because i limit the bandwith to 1K up, 2K down.
  2. There are some things that can't be realised by now because of engine limitations: 1, 9 6: The team always works hard against cheaters but a cheat protection is useless, if somebody releases a hacked version Most of the other suggestions will be in the next release i guess. 8: I don't know what you want to say. Do you talk about some type of Gamemasters?
  3. No, the thread is not about your personal time, but about the costs and limits (e.g. cost per minute, or bandwith limit).
  4. Can you afford playing MTA online games? This topic is not about MTA in particular but also about other online games. To say it simple, i can't afford online gaming with my internet connection even i have ADSL (768 kbit down, 256 kbit up). All popular 3d shooters use a lot of bandwith, about 30 MB and more per hour play. Online rpgs waste 10 MB per hour. And the problem is that my traffic (up+down) is limited to 1 GB. So i want to know more about your connections, if you play online games, to see if something with my connection is wrong ? Or is lan play the only option for me
  5. hm, it's just commented out to force that the server uses the default port 4003. On this my servers work fine.
  6. ddff


    Am I so stupid or am i not capable of understanding the point of this topic. Do you want to thank the team for the really great work or do you want a teamplay option?
  7. Or maybe it was just a database rollback, but then your posts would also be deleted.
  8. Distributing the original SCM is not allowed as far as i know, so you have to reinstall GTA.
  9. Things to check: 1.) If you use a nocd-crack, try another one. 2.) Be sure that you have absolutly no mods installed. 3.) If your version isn't english a.) Set the game language to english. b.) Copy all other language files from your %VICECITY DIR%/TEXT except american.gxt to %VICECITY DIR%/MTA These are very common solutions, they should help.
  10. It should stand for Liberty City. But this would maybe let people think that this version of MTA has to do something with the GTA:LC (=porting LC in Vice City engine) mod. So I think a name for this MTA mod with containing GTA3 would be better. But the name isn't important, the functionality is.
  11. ddff

    2 player?

    Yes you will be able to play because a wireless network is logically not different from a normal network.
  12. You DONT have to play MTA. You can play SP as well. We play MTA because SP is not MP, and multiplayer is fun. It's no wonder that it crashes sometimes because it's in an early state and does actually hack gta-vc (otherwise, MP would not be possible) So don't flame because you should be happy that there are mods that allow MP... AND about CHEATING: -> Making the game easier to play/skip missions is cheating (SP) -> using advantages any other hasn't in MP is also cheating -> But multiplayer is NOT cheating. I suppose: -> close thread
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