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  1. I also appreciate the combination of the solitaire multiplayer aspect with this new GTA "Clone". I loved walking around in the alpha test today but the coolest thing was that a smashed Blokker_1999 in playing solitaire. So i won 3 out of 4 played matches
  2. Well, it seems as if we were double fooled. I got the chance to try out this strange "Downtown"-project today, and the small test city, more a village, supports currently only walking characters (but animations though ) I played with about 10 other people which should not be named but most of them were from the dev team. They didn't tell me, but i think the developed it for about 2 months or so because it is pretty stable and there are quite a few cool textures already. However this reminds me of playing midtown madness 2. But it is already more than a 3d chatroom. Because one of these guys really developed a simple multiplayer solitaire in 3d graphics supporting 2 players, which is fully embedded in their client (needs only about 6 MB space currently). However, you can start such solitaire duells only via console commands at the moment I hope you enjoyed my review. I do (I enjoyed the game test today at least).
  3. Yes, I'm looking forward to MTA Solitaire also. Throw away MTA and Downtown
  4. Me does because there are pros and cons for gtat and MTA: gtat: + modding syncronisation support (by now: cars, spawnpoints) + more players possible (not proven yet, but the architecture allows it) + more cars ("dynamic car spawning" same as with players") + unique servers + player model selectabel + synced weather and time + multi language support - more bugs - less players MTA: + less bugs + a lot of players + stunt mode + more stable - features which gtat has (incl. modding possibility) So, I love both mods.
  5. I think they know about it and are very exited about this great mod. This mod is copyrighted by them, not the game itself, i guess. Otherwise there would have been legal consequences. You will be banned soon, i guess.
  6. It's not cheating. Knocking-over and heliblade-chopping are killing methods also.
  7. What's that rumor about? I don't think it's modified with photoshop, it's just an old mta client (0.1 or 0.2)
  8. Hm, I could maybe create some good gamemodes, when MTA gets good scripting support. But I can't help you with the core program because even i know VB/ASM/C++/Java/C#, I don't have memory hacking experience
  9. It's reasonable why Draco needs more time to build in those features, he is 1 coder and MTA has more coders, so they can code more things faster. Now my big question Someone posted, that the gta wo team got the final version and it runs very good... But why do we get a lan-beta which has quite a lot of bugs? Is Draco developing 2 versions of it because for example on the gta wo screens with gtaT they can drive boats and with lan beta it's almost impossible (wasted, position reseted)
  10. look in the gtaT forums, there's the detailed personal statement from Draco Blue: he needs the money for paying a bill over 300? for his site.
  11. ddff

    i hate the water

    let the guys research, because it seems to be a lot more difficult to include boats than you think when i look at gtaT 0.5 beta. gtaT 0.5 also has massive problems with boats at this time. If explosion was disabled, no cars would respawn.
  12. I think the weather is actually set global because: 1.) Since only the surrounding scenery is seen in singleplayer, why should there be another wheater situation calculated on another part of the city. 2.) It would have been more work for R* for nothing (already mentioned) 3.) It's very likely that in a normal city the wheater is everywhere the same. Maybe you should lock the wheater clientside somehow (overwrite the corresponding adresses looping) and calculate it serverside (random seed). Then, when the server wheater changes, the client will lock the wheater to another state.
  13. I don't know if the mta mods like such a layout with big colorful fonts like in your post. I would suggest you to edit it...
  14. This bug happens if you save to often, i think. But it's a kind of coincidence when the whole map gets messed up.
  15. The only bad thing of Moo Mapper is the annoying wrong object height bug: After changing a few objects, all objects are in a different height in GTA... Does somebody know a workaround?
  16. Hm, i voted yes because this is an interesting topic. I don't know why you don't like his name but I'm sure you can't change his name.
  17. ddff


    Maybe the devs just didn't notice your post. You should choose a more expressive title for your post also. Or simply PM a developer about this. Because compiling with an older library wouldn't be a big problem.
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