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  1. in the text you made the ip unreadeble. but in the console that gray thing under you see it!
  2. It would be fun if they did it. i hope one of the team see this.
  3. In vice city could ya open the pay n spray too? and some gamemodes would be fun. and buy weapons in ammunation too. i think people want this too. please vote in the poll
  4. Stift_me zij: Vet filmpje joh! Klig er nog dubbel om. WHAHAH
  5. Why not bring stunt mode and deatchmatch mode together? In deatchmatch you can buy guns and you can get money by killing and\or stunting.
  6. There is a very stupid bug in both versions of mta 0.4!! If i jack a car from someone and i kill someone els with my car i dont get a point but the one i jacked from get the point! pleaase do something on it! its really annoying. ps: I let jack my car every time in gta ps: CARKILL IS NOT NOOB!
  7. When i eat ONE potato more i die within a week!!!
  8. ther must be some gta2 servers, and i want to play it cause vc is blowd up by my brother.
  9. The classic Jailbreak is fun too: there are 2 teams, red and blue, the players must kill a opponent to send them in jail! when the whole red team is in jail that team is executed and the blue team that have send the team into jail gets a point! the same when the blue team kills the red players, you can get out of jail with 2 options (or 1) 1.A friendly player push the button and you can get out of jail. 2.you and an enemy must fight in a arena the one that wins is free. i hope you like this for more info chat with me at msn [email protected]
  10. solid granet car works too when i ride in water i get a insane stunt bonus
  11. i have used the seaways code in a trainer in mta (to test the water problem). and my car can drive over the water! it do not explode
  12. a network is fast enough to have computer people in (i dont mean bots but just the people from gta) and boats all the flying things inlcude a skimmer!!
  13. Why not make a network edition up to 2-4 players? only playable on lan or something. local are networks a fast enough too have walking and driving people! and a suggestion for mta i heard off 64 people: Can you place a skimmer or 2 skimmers in mta?
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