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  1. Mine http://www.sims2.se/desktop.JPG
  2. LoL

    GTA VC Sweden

    It would be nice with that.. U know i live in Sweden I have also been to Gävle.. But i dont live there..
  3. Okey, it wasnt meent to be a stunt movie, as u see on the name. Anyhow i made it many years ago and im better now (I hope) I i took hell alot time to compress it.. and cut out the scenes and so on, especially the first time.. And yea its my first movie, anyhow i have removed it from the server, I need the space better..
  4. Okey, i made this movie long long long ago, anyhow i havnt been able to find any host. But FINALLY! Its about 40 Mb and 3.00 minutes. Like i said the movie is from good old 0,1 LoL's Drunken Crash Movie http://www.sims2.se/movie.avi And yea. I cant remeber how i compressed it and what codecs u need. But if it aint working download VLC Player, http://www.videolan.org
  5. LoL

    The Sims LAN

    lol.. yea.. as i thougt.. no good idea but anyway..
  6. LoL

    The Sims LAN

    A The Sims Multi thinge would be nice! Yea.. i know go play The Sims Online.. yae but that cost money and dont work with LAN! Just a idea..
  7. LOL Any1 of u know what date it is?? 1 April does it tell u anything?? LOL
  8. Me no good designing templates. but there sure is others!
  9. Woa Dude! Cant wait for it,, yeaaa rigth its already realesed.. Wiee gotta play,, bye... By the way first time i red it like MTA-Mamma.. i thinked what tha F*ck have they done now!
  10. yea. too late.. But it works.. that it whats matter..
  11. Okey so i uninstall ver 0.3 even if it works fins and install the bug fix intall..
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