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  1. I had a pretty bad experience with him in the past, but he managed to request/get the old topic deleted so that feedback is gone (as Simple01). I will write it again: - He never finished the simple scripts I asked for, while at the same time trying to sound like expert scripter. He kept postponing it into the future - He uses your vulerability if you dont know much about code, tends to create spaghetti code to put ''many hours'' into something small. The last example I gave of this in his old topic, was asking him to log chat messages when they got output, which is a 1 or 2-line script potentially.. he said: ''It can be done'' and it would be around 5 euros. He even increased that price later on.. then I got another scripter and this fix was just one line. But the worst part of my experience with him is that he's really unreliable in delivering the scripts or ever finishing them. I gave around 4 orders and 4 to 5 months later it wasnt done and our skype conversation went inactive a few times until I finally told him i disagreed with his ways and shut it/blocked and removed him. So you can be waiting for many months and get tempted to pay big money for spaghetti code. Be warned, and with all respect, this is just my opinion and I dont know if he changed after all this time.
  2. That's a lie, as I said and proved with a screenshot, you finished the job/''deal'', only to realize it could make yourself better (the script was ''really worth much'') and refuse to deliver it as you wanted to keep it to yourself after you already made it. You also didn't set a new price, (''not like 5 or 10 euros'') which I explicitly asked for. Finishing what I requested you to script but not wanting to deliver it to me, gives me a bad experience with your services. It's a selfish action to do what you did, and in the process walk away with my idea. That's the core of my feedback. Please stop arguing now before this topic derails into something beyond the allowance of posting constructive feedback. And btw, as you've seen with my screenshots, lies don't work. (http://i.imgur.com/sJzN07N.jpg) Everyone can see now how you treat your customers.. my point. Contradicting yourself, but ok.. creating that resource, you were creating for me, as a scripter for hire. Take anything more than this to PM's please, I've proven all my points and my reason to post negative opinion is totally constructive.
  3. I have a bad experience with 28WL's scripting ''services''. - He decided to keep a script he was creating on my request, for himself. After finishing it, he thought it was ''really worth much'' and simply stole the concept by not delivering it to me, he ''didnt want to sell it'' anymore, so he uses my ideas/inspiration to get better himself. (Although it wasnt that much of a script, just a IP hostname resolver for connecting players).. I was most pissed off that after waiting for the job to complete, I dont receive it. Proof for this situation/accusations: http://i.imgur.com/sJzN07N.jpg (constructive criticism is allowed in this section). This was a custom scripting request and he just walks away with what he scripted especially for me. (In my eyes this proves he's unreliable in his services) - Subpar scripting skills. He almost walked away from the job once before, when he thought it was impossible for him to script what I was asking for. He tried to encourage me allowing him to drop the job several times, by words winding around that he wanted me to leave it because he felt incapable of doing it. Proof for this situation: http://i.imgur.com/BjcL5oi.jpg So all around, he can really disappoint you if you put any jobs of a custom script into his hands. I don't know about his resources sales from the lists, as I havent used it, but I think there's a chance my custom request will be ''for sale'' on 1 of those lists in the near future. This is really the worst attitude I've ever seen from a scripter advertising his services.. and it's a bummer he walks away with what he scripted for me. I would also recommend forum moderators to consider banning this guy from ever advertising scripting services, as this kind of people create an image of MTA scripters all-around that are very unreliable, one bad experience as bad as this may remain in memory for a long time, if others get to deal with it too. (and affect trust in choosing another scripter, as they think people like this represent an average of the Scripters offering services)
  4. Why are you posting here if you got nothing to release/publicise?
  5. frf


    I don't get how this rumour is assumed true, because MTA has more players than SA-MP at most time (constant player amount on MTA averages above 20,000) Also, the perceived amount of SAMP players consists of bots for a great amount, because some servers show hundreds of players while there's none of not more than 40 players on there. Because SAMP allows tampering with such data.. it can appear there's alot of players while SAMP is largely more empty. If you think so you haven't played both SAMP RP servers/and, or switched from SAMP to MTA RP servers by yourself, or not the right ones, because I think most SA-MP roleplayers would never want to go back after playing on MTA RP servers, because it's a whole new dimension of RP where SAMP is simple RP without immersion and passive RP (hasty and simple-minded roleplayers) and as you say there might be more RP servers that aren't empty rather than MTA, but those that you find on SAMP are of low standard/quality.
  6. I'm not talking about whether your report is valid or no as he uploaded your resource or leaked it, but the fact that once looking at it (since this gives a chance) it seems you are selling a resource that contains other community resources' code. I found this coincidentally and it's wrong to sell a resource for money that contains a heap of other people's code. You are monetizing partially what isn't yours.. all im stating is that fact. By video date you are talking about this report (your resource getting leaked-reuploaded) I am not. You are caught partially selling other people's work as you state you're selling this resource as a side thing.. Don't go more offtopic than we are already (this is about reporting a resource), hoping its just clear to you that its not cool to sell scripts that partially come from Community. and may even get yourself in trouble Simpler said: Exactly. But it's part of something you're selling
  7. So you're selling a resource that contains part of other author's scripts? Your first-person part on imVeh contains the code from this resource: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=9552 You're selling a script that contains code not yours in the file _fpv_C.lua, can you explain that as you're also in the wrong and by commenting here you were detected. Breaching author / copyrights by using a Community script, usings its code and making money off it.
  8. Good scripter, but he's long gone and hasn't been active/on skype for weeks. I think he no longer scripts and stuff
  9. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=12459 Car mod DONE
  10. frf

    Mega9 Scripts

    Very reliable and skilled scripter, am satisfied with his services. I recommend this.. Also he writes efficiently, and in a good timeframe for the amount of code required - and thus can lend a helping hand if you're short on time scripting yourself.
  11. frf

    Invalid Serial Number

    Please explain, how do you think your serial is ''invalid'' ? That can't be, and finding your serial on regedit is a senseless action because it says nothing. What is the actual problem you're experiencing with an ''invalid'' serial? Serials can't be changed, not even from where you found it, and any attempt to change can lead to a global ban, though. However in your case, while there's no reason to request a change (not even implicating it can even be done - it can't) you're just asking this to ban evade, seen the multiple server bans you got on your serial: nice try, http://www.mx-palace.com/mx_forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2057 and see https://www.google.com/search?q=25C03F246D56272EC789DE67A287F8A2 this won't work for you mate MTA team isn't going to help you ban evading/can't change it for you
  12. IIYAMA, actually trains do derail on GTA SA. Using which functions and methods would it be scriptable then?
  13. Since unknown version in MTA trains no longer collide with eachother (they just go right through eachother) and wont derail anymore.. any way to script this possible again?
  14. I'm wondering if keeping this up-to-date is still alive, keeping the counts seems abandoned but I liked the idea. Woovie, any plans to track player counts again?
  15. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=11569 is NOT done, he has put back the paidlink after you removed it. [was DONE but delayed]
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