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Found 7 results

  1. [DESCRIPTION] With this script you can give your players a few reasons to stay in the game longer. Your players earn coins for the time they stay in the game. They can shop in the menu with the coins they earn. [FEATURES] Easy adjustable config Fully optimized Responsive Design All items can be set in % chance to win New cases can be added from Config Cases are fully customizable from config All players in the game are notified when a player wins a valuable item Players can earn free coins for staying in the game Items won from the case can be sold back There is a "fast open" button for those who want to open Case quickly. Players can earn coins for any interaction in the game (you need to integrate Trigger). Recently won items system (The last 10 items won from the cases on the server are displayed on main menu) Premium Cases, Standard Cases Item type system Gold Coin, Silver Coin System All events are recorded with discord logs OPEN SOURCE https://streamable.com/j9ovcr Please contact via discord for purchase. Discord
  2. Hi everyone! I am Platin, the owner and creator of Proyecto Mila, a gaming community with over 90.000 members on our forums, 10.000 members on Discord and one of the most actives player-bases in Latino America. Our flagship server is our Roleplay on MTA:SA. I am the only developer for that server, but we have another developer that helps us with our Website and with our widgets. I have been trying to contact an experienced modeller since the beggining of this year to work on some projects. We do want to mantain the GTA SA experience, so all work needs to be Low-Poly. We have a lot of things that we would love to work on. You don't need any scripting experience for this work, since we will manage that ourselves. These are a few things we want to work on: We want to "open" some buildings, specially a Bank. Mapping the interior is optional, we can manage that on our end. We want to create some special peds that will work with shaders to make a "custom clothes" system. We want to add new islands outside the mainland. We want to add new furniture and objects. We want to add some custom interiors (in the interior world). We will pay you for each model you give us, and you don't need to make any compromise with us. Before you start, we would like to see some of your previous work. The models created NEED to be GTA:SA styled and they NEED to be optimized. Also we won't accept any model that has Vertex Colour problems (bright models that burn retinas). You won't need to crunch in order to meet a deadline, as I said you won't need to make any compromises. If you decide to work with us, and then you just don't want to do it anymore, we will understand. Our unique payment method is Paypal, sadly we won't do any bank transfers. You can discuss with us which amount you ask for your model, and we will tell you if we are interested or not. The model bougth should also come with at least an .obj file and some textures. We would like to test the model first and see if it works and if it's what we are looking for. I can assure you that we won't use any model that you don't want us to use. Once the model is bougth it will be ours and you won't be able to share it. We will credit your work on our patchnotes and on our credits, and if our project becomes Open-Source we will also add your credits there. We won't take credit for creating the model, but you need to understand that we won't pay for it only to become free afterwards. If you are interested contact me via Discord Platin#8049. I would really appreciate if you could contact me before hand, specially if you can comment on this thread. I have a lot of friend requests so I can't really known who wants to work with us and who just wants to insult me on DM. I am on the MTA Discord Server if you want to ping me before sending a request. We can discuss about the models and everything else on the DMs. Thanks for reading and if you are interested don't be shy and talk to us. Platin, Proyecto Mila. PS: I do speak spanish, so we can use that languague if you struggle with english.
  3. Hello, I am looking for TDM mapper will be payed fair price
  4. Hello! Any friend who can operate the yacht of gta V in mta sa? Let him contact me and I can pay him I want to make it appear in an area and that it can not be use thanks
  5. I'm Gabriel also known as Simple01. I'm a teenage programmer that enjoys programming stuff just if that stuff worth's the effort because I don't like to program at high level without getting any benefit this being said I'm not a bad person which is only interested in money I also offer help when I see someone is trying really hard to do something and he/she can't accomplish it ( got tired of getting my skype messaged up with OWL mounts request ), I've got great communication skills which allows me to understand easily the thing is being requested but I also keep my customers updated of how the development progresses. About my experience in programming I've got 4 years programming and scripting in Lua, and a short way experience with C/C++ and C# having the knowledge of their basics. Why do I say my scripting services are high quality? First, I always make things as universal as possible so you can use those scripts with almost any gamemode requiring almost none configuration effort. Second, I always write the code in a structured way using comments which let you know what's the role of a section of code. Third, I keep code optimized as much as possible to make sure you will enjoy the scripts in game. Fourth, the scripts I make are easily editable so you can add on it new features easily. Fifth, my code is a great way to learn Lua and how to keep your code organized. I only accept payment via PayPal ( ask me for other payment methods ). ( If you are interested in SAMP development, you can contact me too ) All this being said my contact methods are the following ones. Skype killer.68x Email [email protected] Forum Private Message @Uknown.
  6. Well, I'm moderating a facebook page, and I want to advert for it, so I need money I decided to work as a developer in some communities and earn money, I simply request 5$ for now, I mean, I'll work on what you want starting from 5$, if you want a hard work, price will be upper and so on.
  7. Hello, we are looking for an experienced scripter, for being a 2ndary developer at our hardcore roleplay server, wich aims to be next-gen, to be filled with alot of content, and next-gen features. All of our servers resources were made from scratch by us Requirements: - Be in the European time zone. - Be a teamplayer.Communicative. - Have good skills in Lua, has to write from scratch. - Have a facebook profile lol, and be easily reachable => be reliable and trustworthy We ofcourse offer money, if interested write me a PM, and Ill provide you with tons of other details.
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