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  1. allrite, kool then VCRB official owns prawn island and vice docks
  2. VCRB>Eagle


    i got a respect upgrade in gta SA so that i can recruit like about 8 gang members!! the thing thats so crazy is that i took a coach....you wont believ thise....and ALL of my gang members went inside!!! then we performed an 9 person drive-by..lmao!!
  3. nah theres also the one where u kick the guy in the head
  4. i know ive been moving alot from clan to clan, but the decision has been made. iam moving baq to VCRB,and staying there forever!! and by the way, about the turfwars, VCRB owns the military base and prawn island, and if anyone has a problem with, visit http://www.vcrb.tk and post a fight
  5. LOCK THIS SHIT UP!!!! i made a decision...iam staying wit VCRB!!!!
  6. wats so "exciting" bout phils place? y does everyone spawn as a robber nowa days
  7. i agree with MrBump if u play on servers like partyserver which consists of 26 ppl then it will acually suck cuz too much ppl r in the game
  8. which is more better? P.S just in case u didnt know LC is gta3 (liberty city)
  9. iam not sure but i wanted the same thing......dont worry u'll get used to it
  10. and whenever i click on the server(not sure if its mine) it says it cant connect sry to bother u like this
  11. yes i do the all seeing eye and i use it
  12. i dont get tht either.... but where is it in ASE?
  13. i've seen the 60& sign on this site for at least 4 months now
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