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  1. UPDATE: New hostname to link to IP. The IP Address has changed: and I created a hostname that links to it. mtats.hopto.org:8774 Auctually, the server is online. I'm not sure when it went offline, but it is dedicated and should ALWAYS be online, unless by acts of nature or maintance. After all, it is free...
  2. It is back up. teamspeak.worldgamerz.com:8774 OR use the IP Address If the IP Address changes, the hostname will resolve to it. That is why I suggest you use the hostname whenever possible. If you need a channel, post here: http://tschannel.tk
  3. I am not bumping anything, I just need it for FreeBSD 4.9
  4. How can it be 6.4Gbit = 51.2 GB, be for the speeds if the 1Gb network card is the max a single computer can handle? Or are you just refering to the upstream/downstream bandwidth avaiable?
  5. It just might be a bad time period. We have had the IP change for other reasons and bandwidth just might be busy, there are over 30 servers being hosted so at times it might be active with users. The bandwidth is always at 100 megabits or higher connection. Also if you notice that some channels aren't being used for a long time (greater than 7 days or so) go ahead and delete them. Don't remove them from the list but just delete them and if they notice them gone then they can make them again. Don't go deleting crazy but just make a post on the http://mtavc.worldispnetwork.com forums to let me know first better yet.
  6. TeamSpeak Ip has reverted back to its original address at: If you still need channels, please go to http://mtavc.worldispnetwork.com or e-mail me at [email protected] Beatz: no that is not KFC's TeamSpeak.
  7. The TeamSpeak IP Address has changed to: This is only TEMP. It should revert back to at a later date. All accounts and servers are in the same condition, just a different IP Address.
  8. Clans are still welcome in the TeamSpeak! We also had a MTA server along with the TeamSpeak. [edit] I shut the MTA Server down for not much usage. It says that the post before this was posted today, but I know it was posed earlier. Maybe they deleted it and reposted it.
  9. Is there s Shell Script for lunix baased MTA servers that can keep it always on. If the server gets shut down it will automatically open it self again. [KFC]Nutz made one and I am looking for it but can't seem to find it.
  10. WTF lol....I posted something in this very section "Site/Forum Related" and it got moved because when I get a reply from it, it said "Users who only have special access" or whatever can view. I posted something in relation to why the topic that I posted in General MTA Disucssion what was named, "Tells you something" and it had a screenshot of the ASE with the MTA team in the 0.5 GTAIII server. I don't know why it got moved. So I made a topic in this "Site/Forum" related area and said, "Issues on Topic Reply Notification" I was getting double e-mails from the forum on topic notification replys and I asked why and also inquired as to why that other topic about the MTA Team in the 0.5 GTAIII Server topic moved. I am getting very annoyed by this..... And I keep getting emails about the topic reply: Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum. So I don't know what is going on....was it moved to a special area for just the MTA team and they are playing a game replying to it?
  11. It seems like my topics get moved to somewhere when I post something? Why is that?
  12. What exactly is it? Does it send a message to all Moderators? Should be explained somewhere. If it has been posted elseware, I haven't found it.
  13. Thanks for the sticky...I just want clans to see this lol....Pass the word to everyone!!!! The idea also is that if you are playing in a MTA server you can join that channel and talk with other people playing in that server....but everyone needs to find out about this....
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