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  1. Hey wouldn't it be great of the cops defended bank the If the robbers got in, killed every other cop then the dead pigs spawn outside the bank and all the dead robbers spawn inside at the same time so its like another round were the robbers have to escape with the loot. But if thats 2 complex then how bought teams of somekind. wether it just be killing with cops n robbers without an actual goal. I feel the mod would benefit greatly if we could have some sort of friendly fire. In deathmatch could u make it so we can have our own clothing.
  2. actually i nvr cheated on the older vice city mod. it was when u could only use a pistol or somthing like that in vice city. when the motor bikes and stuff spawned on the 1st island next to malibu. I was going up and down on a car ramp wich was a mod. I nvr used cheats untill .5 came out. Nvr got banned from it cause i only wanted to try it out. Wasnt a jet pack. It was a castle. Seriously u guys have no fucking manners. I get banned for asking how to be a beta tester. I nvr asked for a release date. assholes seriously. i nvr am rude until i get blamed for shit i dont so ya'll can go fuck yourselfs.
  3. 90 degrees is a ramp if the line curves 90 degrees not the line going from one line going from x-y instantly. y=mx+b (is the formula for a striaght line.) mx is the slope. If the rise is curved properly into the run than the ramp will show. If u use 2 striaght lines going from say 4x-4y than you will have 90 degree corner wich would than form a wall wich would not be able for use with jumps. U would need many different lines linked together at different slopes in order to have a workable jump because 2 would not be enough or else u would end up hiting a wall with a 90 degree corner So u need to think different like a different formula.(wich i dont know what it is yet!) ive only done some math 11p. I need to brush up on math. what i am trying to say is that 90 degrees does not have to be with only 2 lines. If u use many lines at different slopes than you will achieve a smooth ramp going from the 0y+ axis to however high you want it. oh i just remembered that curved lines ar somthing like y2-y1 -------=mx or somthing like that. x2-x1 More than 2 lines and it wont be a wall.
  4. Thanks. Also could I please have my 1 can back please. I lost it due to mr bump banning me because he and me like to argue. Aling time ago he told everyone i said mta was crap or somthing like that and he was just very mean. I nvr asked for release dates. Also im kind of scared posting here because i might get banned just from talking like this.
  5. I mean The Shit! Very Impresive! Hell We could make what ever city we wanted with the biggest jumps Ever! 30,000 ft hieght roads with a 90 degree ramp at the end! Question! Will we be able to angle the roads to our desire? eg.For making hills and stuff Seriously I cant belive u guys pulled it off in such a short time.Even though its been about 4 months but still I nvr expected to beable to load the map with 30,000 friggin models. We could make san andreas 100 times bigger than it is now!!! Lets duplicate the United States and Canada!!! Seriously U are the kings of GTA! Rockstar Doesnt even have a brain for the customer.All they want it money and u guys rock! Rock on!!
  6. I nvr make a bad thread and when i do its nvr about the mod its about people that take actions against me wich were nvr neccesary.xerox!!!! Anyway last post i made i was helping by saying that the people that support your team(if they do support u)there ass was beeing blocked.now the other modderators had no problem about this question and they answered it nicely but then theres the people like xerox and mr bump wich take uneccesary action just cause they can.And thats all i ever complain about in posts.i am a good person like i say in every post i have a complaint about and i always say i do not deserve this kind of shit ok. eather grow up people or stop blocking stuff that actually matters unlike the hundreds of stupid polls that nvr get delt with.but my simple post that i toldu about that probably helped mybe just a little had to get blocked? this is why i complain and now u know why i complain. Another thing i shuld be a tester i dont give a shit i think i just should since i have been part of the community since this shit started picking up. .2 it was and i have visited this site atleast 2 times a week and i feel i should be treated with some decency from a moderator who hasnt been part of this mdo nearly as long and blocks my shit god dammit grow up. i dont flame shit i dont do anything wrong and u fuckers are so lame. how bought u go get a life while i live mine xerox u lamer! thats why i get mad ok! and u can try to burn me or w/e u want i dont care fo F$%^#@%%$ your self. have a nice day! I want to know why You blocked my thread buddy and why you have something against me? why when its been like a year since i have complained and then gotten into an arguement with a moderator on irc because he was beeing a jerkoff also then after he fakes some shit to make me look bad.ok i nvr did anything wrong i am a good person who wanted to be a beta tester and irc buddy untill i kept getting banned from irc for no reason because mr bump kept banning me 2nd chance my ass when the servers get rebooted doesnt work when the bitches are blocking u everywere you go because u started arguing to a stupid bitch that wasnt a moderator at a time but just a suck up baby then when he became a moderator he started banning the shit out of everyone that asked him a stupid question or somthing like that.i made a complaint thread about mr bump one time and there were lots of people that bitched about him in it! so i am a good person and dont blok my shit anymore excpet this 1 i guess u could for this 1 but why did u block my last one and particular reason xerox? like was there somthing in my tread that made someone mad? im not saying xerox is a bad person im not saying anything like that im saying that why do i get fucked around like this when I have done nothing wrong i mean the proof is right there at my previous post and he can make some stupid accuse but i know that they do this stupid shit cause they can i mean why the fuck would anybody want to give great ideas to a fucker that like to be a prick to the guy that doesnt need a little kids words stuck in his ear.anyway i need a kitkat bar so u guys aint getting any of my help plus in about a year or so this mod will die cause i dont think people will play stupid shit forever(trust me it may take alot of work but it doesnt mean its good just look at battlefield vietnam its got good features and a good engine but the textures suck ass and the game just sucks cause there wernt any really good new idea's and thats because ea doesnt listen all that well.an i have asked you to be nice and listen to my shit cause some shit i said looks to be goin on in the future but thats cause i only have to bash it into some lucky fuckers head that will actually listen if i hit hard enough. also notice how i have nvr ever asked for a release date ever in my hole beeing here.most newbs do.and i am cool so fuck yall haterz out there (ij ur cool).
  7. Your blocking the wooggie server add.
  8. hi i was wondering why it is taking so long to make a new client? i thought getting the stuff to work in the game took time. how could just a client with a whole team take so long to make? what does the client do other than let u press buttons to make the stuff in the game work? 1. With .4 around the courner will it play smoother in game? 2. Beable to shoot out of a car 3. death match with 2 teams and no option to take a teammates car. 4.no option to kill a team mate. and will there ever be any punk buster support?
  9. Hey Just like to say that these crashes have really mellowed down ALOT! As the year went bye when i was only 15 i found out about this mod .2 for gta3 the ancient times.me and a friend hooked up in the chat rooms and had 1 game it lasted about 2 minutes and it was the shitties game i ever played in my life and then we tried for about 4 hours to get connected again and nvr did so for all u newbs that know about it cause its popular now and get pissed at this team for making a buggy mod u can all bow down to your knees and kiss there feet because u dont even relize how much work this GREAT TEAM have put into this mod.they have to find what everything does they dont just see it they have to hack the shit into this code to mybe get 1 thing to barely work.so say thank u and no bad behavior.o ya now this mod works everytime i boot it up and it only crashes like ever 2 hours.or it sometimes never does.so stop complaining cause even at .2 for gta3 people wernt so bitchy.So nice to say a few words and everyone have a awsome time because this team diserves a big thank u for a awsome mod.the freaky thing about it is its free lol all that work and us public gets it for free. and another awsome thing is that its only the 3rd major release and it works nearly perfect.mybe nto for shooting another guy but everthing works at least. hey if u want to try somthing that us people used to play go and find .2b for gta3 ull shit ur self oh ya just to let u know this version only supports 2 people lol Im not trying to be a big bossy person its just i see all these negative posts like Big problem fix it fix it fix it no boats wtf i got a clan and we want boats.how long have u been here. .1 and on the cars blew up in the water and the teams kept saying it wont work cause of that.so be nice and who cares if there slower they have a hella more load then other modders they actually have to make codes and stuff other people have programs disgined for games cause the manufactures make it possible.this game was never ever ever disigned to hold this much stuff this team has to make it possible its not all layed out for them.give em a Brake.let them feel good for what they have done sofar
  10. thanks man i just still want to beable to be in sports i just dont want it breaking again if i fall or somthin
  11. hey guys i was wondering if anybody else has broken there knee cap.does it reheal to be as strong as before or will i not beable to like fall on it if i trip cause is might break again.cause i nvr broke anything before.just would like some imput on how strong it will heal
  12. or u can goto run ad type notepad thats what i do all the time when im configuring my server
  13. No Cd cracks crash the game also i dont know why but i was told this so f u are using a no cd crack dont take out your crap on mta team take it out on your selfs untill u got buy the game.
  14. me 2.please mta team dont make it so we cant use no cdcracks in later versions i cant stand having to take out a cd i previously used then having to put it in the case then get my vice city play cd and put it in and then finally i can play.No cd cracks are a i can't remember what u call it but i know there oh ya now i know convenient.hehehehe
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