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  1. Thanks for your reply. Ok, I understand why they made three maps instead of one but they should have made a map with all islands too that servers with many players can use. So the neon color thing is something that everyone has? It's not just my game that is fucking with me? Btw, some more questions: 3. Where is the dodo? 4. Why is the firetruck sometimes red and sometimes purple? 5. Why is the firetruck crazy, it's flying around very fast and if it hits me then my car gets thrown away up in the air. Is this some kind of cheat? 6. Where is the firetruck? 7. I was playing the shoreside vale map and i could fly to staunton island and portland without getting the "warning you are outside the playing area" message. Are you supposed to be able to do this?
  2. I played MTAVC 1-2 years ago but I have never played MTA for GTA3 until today. Now I have some questions. 1. I saw that the 3 islands have been split up into 3 different maps, is there no map that include the whole city like in MTAVC? If you say no, why not? 2. Sometimes the cars starts to shine in bright neon colors. Is this supposed to happen?
  3. well, sorry then. is there no report button? LOL...
  4. I am new to 0.4 (i've played 0.3 a lot) and someone on a server told me a bunch of lies and I believed him and when I couldnt find anything about that in the manual (I used the search function in Word) I thought the feature list wasn't there. He said that the silenced ingram was a new weapon and that the rocket launcher could be picked up at Robinas cafe. Sorry if I made any english mistakes, but I'm swedish.
  5. I posted this topic first then I came up with some more questions and I thought it was best to post them in a new topic. Press the f*cking report button if you wanna complain about my posts or answer my question!
  6. Complaints 1. The new character menu sucks cause it's slow and ugly and you can't see the characters and which weapons they have. 2. Why isn't Phil included? 3. 0.4 lags a lot more than 0.3 did. Questions 1. Does the missiles and machinegun on the Hunter work now? 2. Which are the new weapons in 0.4? 3. Where is the silenced ingram located? 4. Is the rocket launcher available now? Where? 5. Where can I find a list of all the new features in 0.4? Don't tell me to read the manual cause it's not there! Please answer!
  7. I used to play as Phil all the time before i upgraded to 4.0 and I was very disapointed when I started up 4.0 for the first time 10 minutes ago and saw that Phil isn't included anymore. Why?
  8. I haven't seen anyone else complaining about this error, is it just me who have it? Why? Edit: I changed to 1.1 and then changed back to 1.0 when I was connected to a server and now that stupid error message is gone!
  9. I recently installed 4.0 and when I connect to any server I get this error message: Warning. Your game version could not be determinead (defaulting to 1.0) I never got this error when I had MTA 3, how can I fix this?
  10. Sonetti


    I have seen some people using the mp5 in mta and I have searched my ass off to find it but I haven't. Is the mp5 just a cheat or is there actually a mp5 hidden somewhere on the map?
  11. very funny... (not) I expect better answers than that especially from a member of the mta team. Please help me someone!
  12. Everytime when I'm flying a chopper and gets a loading screen it takes almost 2 minutes before the loading screen disappears and during that time vice city doesn't respond. What should I do?
  13. I hate that 10 second delay you get after disconnecting from a server. Why is it there? I allways restart mta when I want to join a new server cause restarting mta takes only 2 seconds instead of 10.
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