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  1. -i.Tanner

    MTA on YTMND

    I somehow doubt that the majority of the patrons of YTMND will understand the magic happening here.
  2. Whenever I connect to a server, be it GTA3 of VC, the client runs for about 5 minutes and then crashes, Is there a way to stop a servers rich text MOTD from downloading to prevent this problem?
  3. 512 of ram, and Im using a "slightly" outdated 64mb ATI video card, but this never kept me from playing mta before 0.5
  4. Ok, so i just got the new mta, seems to work great, except for the fact that the god damn client crashes every god damn 5 minutes, this happens with both gta3 and vice, I am running windows 2000, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. omg, for the love of god dont make anyone ever spawn at the mansion, it makes a good place to take over, or meet at, or just a place for vice city's high rollers to chill in
  6. bout time great to hear some indications of life coming from mta, and It'll be nice to see some pre-blue technology, lets hope that now thats its almost realeased, we'll see some screens
  7. I hate noobs that are against the shotgun... they usually always run around as sailors too...
  8. You notice that almost any sugestion u run by eai, he says that u can do it urself with a mod?.. well what WILL be included in mta blue already lol
  9. I pretty sure this hasn't been sugested, make it so in the admin console the admin can do a shout message like in counterstrike or postal 2, so the message can appear accross the screen ... maybe in gta3 font, and also, maybe make a seperate chat window for some scripts.
  10. no one is actually going to try that. . .
  11. Im making a mod for single player vice, and I was just wondering what line of code the mta team used to make u get in a car as a passenger and where it was inserted in the scm, any help will be appreciated.
  12. I belive he means changing the character dff with the img tool, I dont see anything wrong with that if it passes the CRC, but I'd check with the "people upstairs" before attempting it
  13. what a fucking lame ass. Admin: This fuckwit is jetpacking! [DT]Genzo: It was an accident!
  14. -i.Tanner

    mta blue

    Lets face it, MTA:B is a HUGE step forward, We'll be lucky if its done at the end of this year, If you want something of this magnitude, you gotta have patience. though.. a progress update now and then would be sort of nice
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