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  1. Um... I saw the post on the front page and I did send in an e-mail with the username I wanted and the e-mail address... How long should it take because it's been 2 or 3 days lol... still no comfirmation e-mail Should I send the info again?
  2. Must be sending out as a spam, hmm... I'll try to edit my name from here, thanx MrBump, you've always been there to help ^.^ Maybe a private message will get to you Thanks ^.^
  3. Low profile for now, once we all have a chance to officially known we'll be ok. Just gotta get the story out there... I've asked blokker and mrbump in e-mails and it's been over 72 hours... :-\ I just tried a to register my name without the tag and it's not going in
  4. I found this at The Faction site if you wanna see it. http://thefaction.greeno.org/forums/ind ... wtopic=101
  5. His picture isn't show up for me, it's an X (and i tried show picture). Sorry lol. and UA is still under heat? I goto their server alot and see nothing wrong
  6. Neither actually, we just came into play but we're still not officially a clan of MTA, but we still get the heat of being one though (which sucks), and we do'nt cheat (by any means) we're fully against it, i dunno it's like people are scared of us and seem to try anything to bring us down, it's odd. Are you a part of a gang at all? Maybe you've heard stuff about us i'm not sure.
  7. I would talk to any moderator but that seems to be the problem. I would talk to anyone but my clan is in a lot of heat right now, so we HAVE to keep a low profile, if i mentioned who i was or from what clan my post would be moved very quickly. I e-mailed Blokker and MrBump but neither got back to me Hm... and I dunno every other team seems to have a tag, i think we're the only ones who don't lol. I'll try a few things... we'll see.
  8. I need to privately talk with the head admin as soon as possible. Their is a problem with the forum and I need to have it resolved. I would release information here but to protect me (and my team) I must leave the details minimal. Unfortunately I can't talk to a normal moderator either, this has to be the head person or someone that can get in contact with him (as long as they are part of the staff)... infact I do need a staff member but my e-mails seem to be ignored. The problem (to keep the details low) is that me and my team are trying to register names with the forum... we're trying to put the tag in there so you know who they are... problem is that me and my team never got a comfirmation letter... (and some have waited months, others a week or so). Thank you for your time and I hope an admin or staff member will help me. Thank you for your time again. Unamed for safety.
  9. Well i'm asking anyone here lol And yes ZZZ anyone that has the tag is kicked if their not in the list. We have been having trouble lately with people acting like us and coming into the server with our names, or with names "bashing" our team.
  10. is there anyway to get that from you when your done? That sounds like we need just somethign that says they were previously suspected ^.^ And Scorp that's the script we have right now. I just want one that will ALSO say that a person is suspected, and if we unsuspect (!unsuspect) then that will take them off... also have to make that !unsuspect script lol. I personally have NO clue how to work these.
  11. He said he can't put in both because if he edits the protection script then it won't work, it brings up an error, so we had to lose the other two
  12. The server admin (the owner of the servers) just recently added a script so that anyone that tried to come in with our tag... would be kicked (we've been having alot of problems with imposters). After he did that he notified me that the !location and !warn scripts were down... I dunno why... and he never told me.... could someone tell me why 2 were sacrificed?
  13. This probably should go into the suggestions but it seems like it's getting heated in there... so i'll put it here... Ok there is a command for Suspect. Is there a way to make that act like the ban list, so whenever they join the server it can say "this player was previously suspected by: Admin, for: Reason" or somethign like that. This way when one admin leaves and another comes in, previous offenders would still be known, so no more warnings would be issued (for they already were). I saw a "Chase the Woopie" but don't understand the idea behind that and was wondering if you could do a full manhunt incorporation. So if Player A is it then Player B kills him, then Player B is now it, and it says that, and u can do a !it to find out who's it. Some servers also do teams (i know mine do) so u could define teams, then when one person kills, it'll list that all of that team is it. or do a Team B is it. Also I heard there is a time ban script somewhere out there... but i can't find it . So if i wanted to ban for one day, it's possible, for a week, it's possible! Thank you for your time and hope it's ok I posted here.
  14. Ok so MTA is now gonna be able to have mods... But I got a question... If that happens then how is this gonna work? Lets say I have no mods, just regular MTA. You have.... MOD A and we both go on a server with MOD B.... what the hell would happen? Would the server be the only thing needed? Then we automatically download the maps, skins, etc? I was thinking because then finding a server for MTA is gonna be a pain because your gonna have to sift through hundreds of mods. So... how exactly is this gonna "work"?
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