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  1. no. With 5.0 they introduced .xml api files. - Draco
  2. Hmm, I have it as .api file and it works like a charm. Maybe it's because I just updated notepad++ over the years and never reinstalled it? - Draco [edit] oh, 5.0 is out
  3. Hey scripters and notepad++ users, just copy and paste http://dracoblue.pastebin.com/f273b14d8 to a file called lua.api (for 4.9) or viewtopic.php?f=91&t=23647&p=285813#p284758 to a file called lua.xml for 5.0 (thx to spz) and put this file into c:\program files\notepad++\plugins\apis after you did that, you'll have auto-complete (ctrl+space) for all mta functions. Hope it's useful for someone else, too. - Draco
  4. Hey guys, not sure if that's the wrong board - but as it's for a mta gamemode I am developing, here comes my question: Is anybody of you skilled in usage of inkscape and likes to help out the GTA:T-MTA project with some .svg graphics? The gamemode is currently 12000 lines of code big, and will (when alpha+beta are over) be a very big freeroam mode with rpg elements, character creation, talents, factions, gangs, cops-faction, properties and bases. It has an actionbar, which (will be) configureable easily, so you can put on your hotkeys the skills/actions/weapons, you need. It is fully connected to a sql database + homepage. Since I own a dedicated server, the server is and will be 24/7 + 1GBit-Connection. It also features (already) a pretty neat stunt mode, with additional drift-stunts and power ups. If you think you want to help out GTAT:MTA with making vector graphics, please choose one of the weapon icons at http://www.thegtaplace.com/sanandreas/weapons.php and make a 200x200px .svg file with about 4 to 5 different colors and some shaping of it. This was my try for desert eagle: [attachment=0]9.png[/attachment] I hope somebody wants to help! - Draco
  5. . It looks good as always - Draco
  6. Basicly thats a good way, since what you are implementing is not really a resource and more a library (do I understand that correct?). So looking forward to the first release . Have fun coding, Jan (DracoBlue)
  7. Hello, you can call functions from an other object by using the call method. For example the following calls removeScoreboardColumn in scoreboard resource with one parameter: "kills". call(getResourceFromName("scoreboard"), "removeScoreboardColumn", "kills") I am not sure if that works also with tables, have fun trying . Have fun coding, Jan (DracoBlue)
  8. As you can see, it is triggered, but you are using an unknown function called setGuiVisible in line 26. Happy coding, Jan (DracoBlue)
  9. (Server: MTA Server.exe, 73.728 bytes) I am getting that error: > ERROR: Database query failed: SQLite3 was not opened, cannot get value! (none) after that message the server just crashs on startup. If I put a Resource with onResourceStart-Event + executeSQLQuery int mtaserver.conf's startup resource list. This does not happen, if I load the resource after the server has started. -- testing code addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),function(res) if (executeSQLQuery([[CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `dplayersdb` ( `id` integer PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, `password_hashed` varchar(255) NOT NULL, `login` varchar(255) NOT NULL )]])) then else outputServerLog("ERROR: Unable to initialize the DPlayersDB") end end) Kind regards, Jan (DracoBlue)
  10. I hosted servers that were samp and mta(vice) for £0.40 per person (slot). (still can do it if anyone is intrested) Your prices are extremely high. Not sure if there is a missunderstanding here. But ther server has unlimited slots (30 or 100, doesn't matter) for 10€. In comparison to your £0,40per (already approx 17€ for just 30 players) slot or gta-host.com (£30 for 100slots) is that really cheap. Don't want to over/underbeat somebody. Just want to get guys taking part on the machine, because its already just running my scripts/servers and so lots of space left. Thatswhy no big prices - don't want to make cash, I want to help! Kind regards, Jan (DracoBlue)
  11. Thanks for the offer. Currently I got a server for this, but still seeking for one in america or australia.
  12. Hello! I know http://gta-host.com hosts cheap mta-servers, but I need webhosting, too. I have already 2 root servers up and running, but I need a new one - because the new offer I found has no traffic limit and a very good ping. But it costs 69 or 99€uros per month. I would be able to pay it, but I want to share the servers with other guys - one sa-mp-server and a webserver wouldn't be enough work for the root server . So if you are searching for a cheap server for your clan/gang, we could split the price and maybe its 10 Euros per person, or even lower - for a 24/7, 100 person server with website if you want. I have enough skills in configuring a server systems since I work as network admin and study it systems engenieering. Connection would be europe or america with 1000Mbits, really enough to run 10 samp-servers with lanmode on it! Looking forward to your replys, Jan
  13. Hi s0beit! This is true, we found an other nasty reason why it crashes, will be fixed in next devshot. At the moment we are figuring the bugs out, and solve them, so you can play without those disturbing bugs. But the main-reason, why it crashs is really, that someone uses parking cars/airplanes, and this needs to be solved! See you, DracoBlue
  14. GTAT San Andreas Preview Video released! We put a small preview video for gtaTournament San Andreas in our Download area. You can see car movement and walking synchro. Delphifreak managed to fix the chat recording bug caused by fraps, so we were able to record this nice movie for you. Big thanks to Armitage for helping with cutting the movie and betatesting. http://gtat.dracoblue.net/ See you, DracoBlue
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