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  1. Make sure you leave the skc switcher open when you run MTA. Ensure also that the switcher has the correct directories for race and DM.
  2. Considering they are affiliated with Game Monitor, and that many people here know about it, it's not too unreasonable to ask.
  3. The map editor for DM is not out yet, it *might* come with the release of DP3. For now, you must make them in MTA Race's map editor and convert them to a Dm format, which I have no idea how to do.
  4. That is really cool. Could you post a video so it's easier to make out what is going on?
  5. This is the most bizarre topic I have ever read. I hope this never gets implemented, purely because it's plain wrong, you are talking about necrophilia.. dear dear.
  6. I agree. I'm sick of the whiners.. they complain about DM not being out for ages then run it down like spoilt children. I don't care what 'purist' GTA is, that's because I'm not a sad conformitist idiot like people that spend time leaving comments on youtube like "ZOMG11!! I PLAY GUITAR HERO ON EXPERT11!!" Not a sad conformitist like so called 'Metallica' fans who run all everywhere in comment boxes sprouting their conformitist whiny crap: 'Their new stuff sucks (because that's what someone else told me to think!)' 'Metallica sold out man!' No-one cares, me least of all, on whatever topic it is, I refuse to have someone on the other side of a screen ram their crappy opinions down my throat - opinions that are most likely borrowed from somebody else. Just to annoy you, I could make every car pink and make a teashop gamemode. If I could script. Do you get me? I. Don't. Care. What. You. Like. You like what you like. Go ahead and play single player, I couldn't give a flying fook if it's not 'GTA-ey' enough for you, especially as I thought the whole point of GTA was shooting stuff, and what more fun could it be then with people online? Stop trying to tell people that your opinion should also be theirs. And go home. I quite enjoy freeroam for a laugh, but I feel very sorry for the people that put effort into these gamemodes and freeroam, which is what you do in single player, has taken over as a 24/7 thing! You can never find anywhere playing Interstate69.. in my mind, one of the most impressive custom gamemodes, with the choice of weapons and vehicles. I've got nothing against freeroam, I just wish it wouldn't take over a DeathMatch (that's the name folks!) mod, and leave some room for the people that want to do what the Mod was designed for.
  7. Auto Aim? LOOOL No. I mean seriously? Auto aim? Think about it. A shooting online game, with auto aim is... bloody pointless! That's why aimbots aren't allowed in other games - it removes any skill level.
  8. MTA prevents you minimising the program, so without a wind*w m*d its not really achievable. A couple of times you might be lucky and get a crash rather than the more usual freeze, these times it will say error, press ok to close (but you can't see it). Therefore try pressing space and enter before you reboot.
  9. Thanks guys, thanks for the great work that has provided me with hours of happiness. My favourite moment was the first time I played a fun map in race, with falling cars and dinghys. Compared to what I already knew about what you could do in GTA, it seemed so rediculous I couldn't stop laughing. And MTA can still make me laugh to this day. And no other game has done that. Great work.
  10. Very nice, similar idea to mine but I didn't spend much time on mine. Although I would say the icon doesn't seem centered, and the MTA head part of it is quite small. But not bad.
  11. Put it through a sieve to remove all impurities.
  12. What you do in your own home is your own business. Same goes for your own MTA server. You could have pornographic, 1 hit kill machine guns, and no-one would care. Just keep it in your own server
  13. Look. By cheating, they mean a very annoyign person that goes into a server having modified his configs or using a cheat trainer, and uses that to give him an unfair advantage over people, and ruin their game by winning. So what you do in your own server is absolutely fine. No one in the MTA team is uhnreasonable enough to say 'im gonna ban that guy for modifying the game files in his own server'. So just don't use them in a public server basically.
  14. I'm pretty sure its the same command But you can't do it when connected to a server. So Disconnect first.
  15. Hi, recently the homepage keeps going dwon,l with only the subpages (i.e the forum) working. Last time this happened, a new Dp was released, but now it keeps happening anways. What';s wrong?
  16. I made a topic like this a while back. I think its just that race is more stable, and that it is only a developer preview, as soon as the full version with map editor and more gamemodes is released, the players will all switch. (and when the race gamemode is tidied up)
  17. For literally ages, I thought my port forwarding efforts had failed, but I didn't realise that you cannout see your own server in the list if its on the same pc as you are playing on. So if that's the case get a friend to test it.
  18. Well, I get around 25 - 30 FPS too. And I do have 2 gigabytes of seperate ram, ie 2x 1 gig, which sould be slighlty faster than the ram you have (if you just have 1x 2 gigbyte ram) (although it doesn't mean 2x the speed). So there's not a lot of difference...
  19. I noteice there is no Screens and Movies section for the Dp forum. Or are you supposed to just post in the MTA Race one? I think it would cause less confusion about where to post if there was a screens section of the Dm sub forum. Thanks.
  20. My FPS always takes a hit when I start recording, its just the extra resources used and the fact the hard drive has to work overtime to store as it redds the game... but my game is stil very playable.
  21. Glad to see my suggestion ahs been noted (it was me that suggested more server details, don't know if that's where you got the diea) Also glad to see the problem fixed. I now have this bug where the list doesnt load until I enter a server in favourites or recently played.
  22. Yes please, controller just for car controls would be perfect. The mouise is better for Dm. Can;'t wait to see this implemented
  23. There are some great sites if you want to pay for dedi hosting. Look up MTA servers on google. Or if you want to host your own (you'll need a decent interent connection) then go to http://www.portforward.com If you have a router, this will help you open the necessary ports. Good luck
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