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  1. hey import to ipl in in an very early stage, so the rotations dont work correctly yet if someone wants to script it, feel free to contact me, i will add it to the converter then dlx
  2. it should work fine with > 10000 objects
  3. you still own me a tour on your server
  4. [M]deLUX

    GTA live map

    thanks again, im having a look at this tomorrow
  5. [M]deLUX

    GTA live map

    hey thanks for the script and your replies but is there a possibility to write the result in a file? that would be easy, as i could just use the same configuration guides as for samp ah and by the way, if someone wants to adjust this or needs additional information: http://dev.delux-host.com/gta/livemaps/
  6. [M]deLUX

    GTA live map

    I wrote an online player map with the card of GTA using the Google Maps API. So now this works like a charm for SA-MP. I would like to support MTA as well, but I dont really know to script Lua. So I think it would be cool if someone is interested to add this, to script a small Lua script. The result data has to look like the following: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <positions> <player id="0"> <name>huso</name> <score>0</score> <x>-2983.335937</x> <y>464.685119</y> <z>39.873157</z> <health>58.000000</health> </player> <player id="1"> <name>sunza1</name> <score>0</score> <x>-2767.353759</x> <y>2331.064697</y> <z>71.656829</z> <health>100.000000</health> </player> </positions> If someone is interested in adding this to his server, feel free to reply or write a PM. Ah and just to prevent questions: This works with all servers, it is just preconfigured on all delux servers (more info in the SA-MP forum topic).
  7. Completly redone interface and less work to do and by the way, the map converter is now integrated within the click'n host service, so you can directly convert any map, lua and pwn files to any supported format without much work examples: so it might be useful to publish your maps there as the users can directly use your map for mta dm, mta race, lua code and many samp formats there without any converting work from your side enjoy, delux
  8. List of server hosts supporting MTA Just a brief overview about the hosting companies out there, which lets you compare the different offers. Just reply for additions or corrections. delux host (MTA:DM) Price per slot: €0.12 - €0.83 Minimum slot amount: 6 Private IP: On request Operating system: Windows Control panel: luces easyAdmin Extras: FTP, Webhosting, MySQL GTA-Host.com (MTA:DM, MTA:Race) Price per slot: £0.30 - £0.50 Minimum slot amount: 8 Private IP: Free on request Operating system: Linux CentOS, Linux Fedora Control panel: Yes Extras: FTP SA:MP Host (MTA:DM, MTA:Race) Price per slot: €0.25 Minimum slot amount: 20 Private IP: On request Operating system: Linux Debian Control panel: Yes Extras: Homepage, MySQL Server FFS! (MTA:DM) Price per slot: €0.25 Minimum slot amount: 16 Private IP: Free on request Operating system: Linux Debian Control panel: Yes Extras: Webhosting, FTP X-Serverz (MTA:DM, MTA:Race) Price per slot: £0.50 Minimum slot amount: 10 Private IP: £1.00 Operating system: Windows Server 2003, Linux CentOS, Linux Ubuntu Control panel: Yes Extras: Teamspeak * Extras are not meant to be free
  9. thanks for the flowers and another 100,000 objects converted since the release of the new version... by the way, the next version will be able to convert spawnpoints, pickups and all that stuff as well... so it will be a really all in one converter
  10. Hey freaks ^^ just a little question "à coté". using the console i can switch to the window mode, using the command window is there a command like fullscreen or something to get back to the "normal" view? thanks in advance, delux
  11. i do not have the script in front of me, but i know it a bit and the killing barrier is solved with a circle around the center of the haystack - just like the player spawns are placed on a circle. so just edit the radius of this circle and all will be good
  12. i got a little problem with the following script... supposed to show automessages from time to time... -- Set the message number local messageNum = 0 -- Start the message-timer setTimer ( showMessages, 5000, 0 ) -- Show the messages function showMessages() outputDebugString("showMessages()" .. messageNum) if (messageNum > 5) then messageNum = 0 end if (messageNum == 0) then outputChatBox("This server is hosted by delux-host.com") end if (messageNum == 1) then outputChatBox("Cheating is strictly forbidden on this server and will get you banned!") end -- other messages token out for better overview messageNum = messageNum + 1 end it just displays nothing...
  13. anything went on here? i am interested in the code, perhaps you do not mind posting it?
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