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  1. Dann mach ich doch gleich mal den Anfang Ich finde, Boards in anderen Sprachen sind eine gute Idee, wobei ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob diese für etwa Scriptingfragen sinnvoll werden. Nun denn, ich wollte eigentlich auch nur mal meinen Gruß hinterlegen. PS: Einige kennen mich vielleicht (noch), die meisten wohl nicht. Bin Admin des German Public Servers und war früher aktiv im MTA Board, mittlerweile bin ich aber nicht mehr so sehr darauf angewiesen. Beste Grüße, Xeta
  2. Hey, i was wondering why setPedStat is only Server-side, cause i need it to set a client-side ped fat. is it possible to make setPedStat both server and client-side in future versions? This would be really great. Have a good one!
  3. Works very good, i found no Bugs. Also, it's very useful, thanks But the size of the resource seems me a little bit to large. Can't you try to bring down the sound files size a little bit?
  4. You can move a Player inside a Team while spawning - using the last spawnPlayer() argument. Possible, this would save your some codelines.
  5. Hey guys. I don't get it, how i can build an Linux (debian 4) version now? In the news, ijsf says that precompiled server packages will be available as soon as possible - so i need to build it from scratch yet. The problem is: i get errors when building the server There must be a problem with the libtool. I checked again the tools using this command: All checked successful, except one: libcurl4-openssl-dev. I meant no harm by it, cause this package are not listed in the required build tools (here, debian). Are libcurl4-openssl-dev required or not? Can anyone help me(/us)?
  6. Erm...aha. I read all of your Posts, but the new accountdata method are NOT working with much money....that was just an info by my side! What ever....I'm going to use the Old version i fixed myself (Marker) and using TEXT. I just had given you an info, because i think an resource should work with an new version, and not only with an older one, if anyone have much money. Have a good night. Over.
  7. But it seems that my GPS: Anti-Abuse script works correct with the Serials inside the database - that's much more numbers then 6579258271. Yeah, these tables are BLOBs, but is this the only way to work with high numbers? Whats about the IPs inside the banlist.xml etc. - there are also long. That's strange. Possible adding dots inside the balance helps? Like 6.579.258.271.
  8. Okay, no problem. But it would be nice if you releasing it sometime
  9. Nice Update! But it seems to not work perfect. I have a Bankaccount with a balance of 6579258271 inside the database, and after transferring the accounts using /transferaccounts, the account have: <number_data bank.balance="-2010676321" /> Another account with an balance of 1426701349 was transferred correctly. Note: there a some no-more existing accounts inside the database, but i think that's not the reason for this "transfer bug". Hmm, possible i know why Playsinator had this question: If i seen correctly, there is no marker inside the Bank-interior?!
  10. I think i know why this happens now. Delete your resource cache, so you need to download files. "Works" by me.
  11. I have found a Bug: Sometimes the Chat-bubbles doesn't go away (not either after 10 minutes)! This doesn't happened by me, but many players are annoyed about this Problem. And a little suggestion: Can you add an command to disable the Chat-bubbles clientside?
  12. Hey Ladys and Gentlemen, Do anybody know how i can find the dance resource from this video?: (I think) i can remember that i found them on community.multitheftauto.com, but i can't find it anymore. Searching "dance" oder "dancing" is pointless.
  13. I'm glad I could help. Can you add an simple Converter inside a extra scriptfile to convert the SQLLITE version to the accountsdata? I still have the proper balances of all (~10.000) Accounts from dp2.3 times (inside the database.)
  14. Sounds great! Can you tell me, what the reason for this problem was?
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