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  1. if your using a router with a firewall enabled u may have to set it up to give mta access just go to http://portforward.com/ and get directions for whatever model router u are using and for the ip address to connect to just look at your local network settings on the pc that is running the server and use that to connect to you might want to turn off the ASE broadcasting ( it lists your server on the MTA server browser ) just go into your MTA install directory \server\mods\deathmatch and open mtaserver config file and look for this <!-- This parameter can be used to make the server report to Game-Monitor master servers, allowing it to be visible in the ingame server browser. An additional UDP port needs to be available for this to work (value from <serverport> + 123 , so on a default <serverport> value 22003 the right port will be 22126 ). Available values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled. Optional parameter, defaults to 0. --> <ase>0</ase> it will probably be set to 1 so put it to 0 to turn it off you need to forward two ports as well they are both in mtaserver config as well <!-- This parameter specifies the UDP port on which the server will be accepting incoming player connections; default value: 22003. It is a required parameter. --> <serverport>22003</serverport> <!-- This parameter specifies the TCP port on which the server will be accepting incoming http connections. It can be set to the same value as <serverport>. It is a required parameter if <httpserver> is set to 1. --> <httpport>22005</httpport> hope that helps man
  2. unfortunately like i said im pretty new to scripting but i will try and write you a working function for this but it may take a while the people on this forum are very helpful though so im sure somebody will give u a hand if u have a look at the scripts in the BROPH and FR and FREEROAM resources every thing u need is there if the examples on the wiki dont help thats how i picked up most of what i know just by comparing those scripts and the wiki examples ( and a lot of trial and error and a lot more help from the forums ) i wish u luck and will post whatever i can come up with
  3. im pretty new to scripting myself but i can see a few errors i think this should just be the number and no local so like this ---> polecvehicles = { 407, 416, 425, etc. } and same for policeskins ----> policeskins = { 280, 281, 282, etc. } if your using the nightly 1.0 version of MTA i dont think getVehicleID works anymore ( pretty sure its getElementID ) you would need to use getPedOccupiedVehicle first though ( once again only if using nightly 1.0 MTA. If its DP2.3 getVehicleID is fine ) i think this should be if vehID == "policevehicles" and skinID ~= "policeskins" then do the remove player from vehicle ( i havent used this command before so id have to check wiki for exact syntax ) u will also need to put in what to do if the player is a police obviously this is not a complete function but if u can tell me what version u are using i may be able to help a bit more But please remember im pretty new to scripting myself so my answers may not be perfect
  4. im running dual core AMD with no problems ( although i do have a windows xp amd processor ( K8 ) driver installed ) you might need to turn the frame limiter on in gta itself its under display options in gta single player it might help and might not but i hope it does the driver i have for amd dual core was installed by windows update ( just look in add/remove programs if your on xp not to sure about vista )
  5. its not to old a version just a few behind just try installing the different versions from MTA googlecodepage and rejoin until its right ( thats what i did when i first joined ) somewhere in the forum is a link to the version there using but it is very hard to find ( i just tried and cant find it again ) VERSION IS r1271 ( just checked )
  6. wow that was fast thanks man im using nightly version 1218 i dont think ive changed anything and i did look through the script ( i admit i am very novice scripter ) and i coudnt see what was going on the only thing i may have changed is if i get resource uses depreceated commands when i start it in server would it help if i posted the script here so u could see any changes i was considering trying older version of nightly as well to see if that helps EDIT : Very sorry 50P . i have just tried older nightly version and it works fine now ( doesnt save money when i disconnect but im sure ive seen that solved earlier so i think i can take care of that ) Once again i am sorry to have bugged u and thanks for such a fast reply Script is AWESOME by the way
  7. sorry to bother u 50P but i have small problem whenever i try to deposit money it says insufficient funds i have tried using the PHOTOGRAPHER resource ( by SLOTHMAN ) to make money to deposit and i have tried using give_me_cash resource ( by NITOS ) as well i have tried to make deposits of many different values ( $10 up to $10000 ) earned from photographer and given by Give_me_cash but no matter how much i have or how much i try to deposit it still says insufficient funds i also get this error but i dont know if its related or not [16:31:26] Starting bank [16:31:26] Creating new DB table bank_accounts [16:31:26] ERROR: ...thmatch/resources/bank/server/bank.script.server.lua:31: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [16:43:03] ERROR: ...thmatch/resources/bank/server/bank.script.server.lua:166: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [16:43:08] ERROR: ...thmatch/resources/bank/server/bank.script.server.lua:166: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [16:43:12] ERROR: ...thmatch/resources/bank/server/bank.script.server.lua:166: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [16:43:47] ERROR: ...thmatch/resources/bank/server/bank.script.server.lua:166: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [16:44:17] ERROR: ...thmatch/resources/bank/server/bank.script.server.lua:138: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) [16:44:21] ERROR: ...thmatch/resources/bank/server/bank.script.server.lua:138: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) i have tried running BANK resource with FREEROAM resource and BROPH resource but always same problem thanks for any help EDIT : i dont know if it makes any difference but i recently found out that you can run resources as zip files or uncompressed into folders so i have also tried running in both these ways ( zipped and unzipped into folder called bank )
  8. sorry to jump into your thread without offering any help but TRAFFIC RESOURCE Oh My Freakin God is this true and if it is where do i find it ( i already have ace_gambit's [ pretty sure it was by ace_gambit ] example of peds driving if that is what u mean and must say it is very cool )
  9. need a bit more info first are u running your own server do u have a router or direct connection to internet also there are many previous posts along these lines. it might take a bit of searching but all the answers are here or in server side help ( how to deal with routers and such )
  10. Thank for the reply i have been to the VALHALLA GAMING homepage but it only lists server version as 1.0 ( no revision or update number ) and game-monitor.com says the same i have looked on the mta google code page but the oldest version they have R - 1064 and i need the one that is 2 versions earlier ( i think going on experiments with 3 pcs i have on network running different versions to generate version number errors ) if anybody out there has been keeping all the updates i would really appreciate it if u could post a link to it for me ( like fileshack or something ) i cant remember all the version numbers but i think i need r - 1060 thanx for any help EDIT : problem solved i had to join the valhalla gaming website to search the forums properly but i eventually found the right version once again thanks for all help guys
  11. hi again another slight problem but not to drastic i have downgraded my MTA 1.0 to R-1064 but when i try to join VALHALLAGAMING server i get this error i found the server in the MTA general discussion forum https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=24413 IP address 67.310.235.106 PORT 22003 client ver 13d ----------- server ver 13b that may not be exactly right but server is definetly 2 versions older than my client but there are no older versions available to download on the google code page can i find them anywhere else or if anyone can direct me to good RPG server using more recent version of MTA 1.0 that would work just as well ( dont mind if its a bit buggy i just really wanna see what can be done by a decent scripter as i havent gotten very far with learning LUA myself yet ) THANKS FOR ANY HELP
  12. Thanks for the reply pretty sure i had port numbers right but ill give the explorer thing a try still just get connection timeout : SAES RPG this is server im trying from game-monitor.com it says its uk based and only 7 / 100 players so it should be ok i would have thought. I know rpg servers are sometimes slower than others due to all the extra data but theres only 7 players and im pretty sure SAES has been around for quite some time i will keep trying other servers and will post any results thanks again for the help EDIT : 2 success it seems to be connecting ok now ( just keep getting client / server version errors AAAArrrggghhhhh ) but at least its workin now
  13. hi all i seem to be having problems when using quick connect and was wondering if there is any other way of join servers by their ip address if i use the server browser i can join servers no problem at all. But when i try to join a server using quick connect i always get connection time out i can use quick connect to join my own server and have two other pcs that can join on my home network so im really not sure what the problem is i have tried 6 or 7 different servers from game-monitor.com but all time out. I tried 2 from the U.K. as thats where im based but still no luck any ideas greatly appreciated as i really want to find an RP server as my scripting abilitys arent up to making my own Specs Mta nightly 1.0 r1115 Windows XP AMD 64 x2 processor 2 Gb ram Ati x300 graphics
  14. function spawnThePlayer ( player ) local b = spawnPlayer ( player, -711+math.random(1,5), 957+math.random(5,9), 12.4, 90, math.random(9,288) ) if not b then spawnThePlayer ( player ) return end fadeCamera(player,true) end i think this might be what u need its from the BROPH resource just change coordinates in local b to where u want player to spawn you will need to call the function with onPlayerJoin the random numbers are so people dont spawn in a big tower i think
  15. AWESOME thanks for the help working fine now
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