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  1. long live MTA!!!.. My best moments was the first time i found out there actually was an MP mod for GTA "Two years ago" And i was playing the mod lets see almost every day after that.. Yes i've got a life soo dont think i dont =D.. Soo i hope too see some more action from the MTA team when a new GTA game comes to the PC without a MP mod and i wish that the mta team will be the first folks making one for "EKS: GTAIV or a new title after that" Grats MTA ^^
  2. A: How... Interesting Q: Somebody think that norby89 got interesting news?
  3. Happy Birthday JonChappell your official 21 years old =D
  4. I usually got 25-35 FPS =S Specs: -intel Inside Pentium D 925 3,00 Ghz With 512MB GF 7300 SE and 2 GB ram How the hell can you run Sa better than me by just getting one more ram =/ maybe me that got some shitty bricks "Ram"
  5. I dont think it is safe for me anymore playing MTA and go to Groove Street
  6. Why dont get more Scripters that can start in a way on MTA SA: Race 2,0 ? Ohh and wasnt there a site that some folks from the mta team made based on some RPG mod or something? Remember there was a site
  7. Nice thanks Fire for your answare In a way have i been waiting days for somebody to answare me on this question
  8. Uhh that have happened me too In WinXP 32Bit GF 7300 SE 512MB
  9. You dont need mirc i think for Mta:DM
  10. zion

    MTA:DM Cinematic open video

    That was sooo NICE Keep up the good work
  11. Gta San Andreas Great Mta.. Well Vc's mta was better
  12. I dont think it is a reason to reales a MTA:SA script now when MTA:DM is out? And.... I'm not a nerd you turd Remember you failed again!
  13. zion

    MTA Land

    I'm visiting when i can I like the city though
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