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  1. I have 1.1.2. Simply, just open up your MTA folder and change ''client.dll'' like ''hello.dll''. It should start, BUT now I see the servers, but if I press one, it stand: ''Could not load server blabla''.. DAMN!!! MTA Race was my favourite.
  2. Hi, I installed MTA SA Race succesfully. When I click on the icon to run it, I online see a small thing coming up with: ''Multi theft auto, stop playing with yourself (or something like that in purple), then nothing happens. System: Intel Quadcore @2,40 Ghz 4GB RAM 8800 GT Windows Vista Home Premium Deathmatch works.. Please help! UPDATE!!! It works now but I cant see any servers... I tryed to disable my firewall but it doesnt help
  3. ok thanks.. wel I'am just playing stealth with no problem,., ty
  4. Oh ok thanks, so my CPU or videocard could not be killed if I play gta sa (mta or sp). I thought that SA is using much GPU then CPU... GPU is the graphics thing that renders SA right? thnx and sorry for this silly topic..but i must know it..
  5. Hi, I have played MTA SA before, and I'm worried because I think my processor will use 100% usage if I play online. I think that this problem is also at singleplayer. But if my processor is 100%, I can play SA very good. My CPU temp. is 25¤. Anyone here playing MTA with a Sempron 3400+ or lower?
  6. Likes: - You have the ability to chose your own game. That's awesome man! Stealth, TDM in a small map and not in whole GTA SA! - Less lags and I dont see any players running to quickly cause of lag etc. It's just perfect! - Comminucation What I dont like: - Cheaters - Sometimes my MTA suddenly shuts-off without a warning or anything. KUTW!
  7. No seriously. Look: SA:MP has got only deathmatch servers over WHOLE san andreas, or some parts of it! That's too big! Multi Theft Auto must get there chance with there own TDM on a small minimap where you can hide etc. And now, the big servers at MTA have only those DM over whole san andreas, what is too big. Every player of MTA DM can look to SA:MP and see that it's almost the same and play there. So the new games like TDM in a minimap, or even CtO, CtV must take there chance. So I will say to get more people playing MTA DM: Get more servers. Servers with: TDM in a small map, CtO, Ctv, hay, fallout and those others. MTA FTW!
  8. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I have a question. Sometimes, my GTA SA (MTASADM) crashes.. And I must always press the on/off button of my PC. How can I exit MTASADM if it crash without rebooting my PC? I have tryed: 1. To Press the Windows button on the keyboard, but that didnt help because then I see my mouse in GTA, so, not in the deskop. 2. Tryed the CTRL+ALT+DELETE 3.Tryed ALT+DELETE 4. Tryed to open notepad, then I typed something in it, and when GTA crashes I press my on/off button so that my PC will say: ''You haven't saved this, are you sure you dont want to save this'', but that didnt help too! PLZ HELP ME I must get out of GTA without rebooting my PC!!
  9. my whole live makes sense now... actually i've never played on a good freeroam server... the reason could be that good freeroam server don't exist. I hope MTA will come with the map editor.. It will rock.. Unfortunatly some servers at DM now are only on whole San Andreas you know, It is much better when it is a small map with lot's of players playing teamdeathmatch.. Question: Where are the official servers? Can you play now at them? I don't see them on MTADM
  10. Yeah! MTA Race and DM on one software, I mean program or how ever you call it. MTA DM is awesome, but what I don't like is the following: GTA San Andreas is a big game, and a big map. Ofcourse, it's fantastic at singleplayer. But in MTA it actually kinda sucks because if you have 20 people playing in such a big map it is'nt fun to drive to them all the time... You know.. What I like is those mini-maps where you can hide and shoot people.. I stopped playing MTADM because of the few people and the cheaters. I hope this will change. Now I have to do it with Race.
  11. Hi, Before you install it, you must downgrade your GTA San Andreas to version 1.0 in order to play it. I think you have 1.1 or 2. You can see wich version you have by starting up the normal GTA San Andreas (singplayer) and see in under the menu if you have version 2.0 or 1.1. If you have 1, you don't see anything. You can download the downgrader here: http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/new ... atch;32610 Then install it and check if the game works. Then install MTA San Andreas. Good luck and enjoy MTA San Andreas Race or Deathmatch !
  12. Eehhh Question: I want race back, but where can I download it? Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, If I start up MTASADM, I notice how a small group plays it. I mean, today I started the game and I saw: 27 players 22 players 10 players 4 players 1 1 etc.. Why???:S:S Where's everyone?
  14. I know that its not fun with those hackers... But sometimes, (I dont hack) I cant die.. So servers kick me out and say: CHEATER :@ They dont believe that I dont hack and its a * bug.
  15. Do you have version 1.0? If you have version 2.0 downgrade it with the downgrader. You can download it here: http://www.gtaforum.nl/index.php?automo ... howfile=67 If you have V1, try to reinstall MTA and your San Andreas. good luck.
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