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  1. Is there some kind of tutorial on scripting in MTA:MA? Some parts of MTA:MA Scripting I do not get.
  2. Hello, I figured since I be leave that MTA:VC will come back I wanted to script for it maybe my own bot but I need to know what kind of scripting language it is so I can learn or maybe I already know some of it because I know some Program languages already.
  3. Hello, I'm a noob at lua and creating servers but what I want to no is, is it possible to make 2 trains crash into each other at a certain time? If so can someone help me with it? I mean I don't no any lua
  4. FFCFoo

    Script Idea!

    Well I no MTA 0.5 is like have barley anyone play it but I need help/Me and my friends still play the game. Im looking for 2 things! A script that can give me vehicles . I am not referring to a bot! Second I want a script that piles cars on top of the player, Again Not referring to a bot! That would be cool to have in my server!
  5. FFCFoo

    Talk Button Mest up?

    Nvm I fixed it anyways lol!
  6. FFCFoo

    Talk Button Mest up?

    Well My talk button does not work and Ive looked all around there is no one that has solved the problem! I heard something about a configuration file or something anyway me and my friend just got MTA I had it before but I quite . But when me and my friend press T it shows red like regularly. But when I type then press enter nothing shows up? Can someone give me a solution to this problem!
  7. FFCFoo

    Multi theft auto 0.5?

    Lol, I new something bad happened!
  8. I was wondering I haven't been on MTA in 2 years what happened to Vice City MTA there is no servers? Explanation Please!
  9. FFCFoo

    Port Forwarding?

    I cant Port Forward For MTA Umm I no I have to Forward 2003 becouse my server is 2003 and then is it udp or tcp and second forward ports 2126 and what should it be tcp or udp and Dont say try http://www.PortForwarding.com Bla Bla Bla it's not right ports Lol CCan inyone help
  10. FFCFoo

    Question Here?

    i got a qestion this link to lil toadys admin system wont work http://mta-stats.com/downloads/Admin-System.mrc It workied a week ago iny body have another one i need 1
  11. FFCFoo

    !tempBan script

    lil Toady the script it doesent work it doesent say inything and there is a mta level in it i took that out i dont need that i got a admin system script that doesent need that also i dono what's rong
  12. FFCFoo

    !tempBan script

    Thank's lil toady man very much that is a good script
  13. Well im having a text command problem Here is the text and commands together it wont work together on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($3 == !bored) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) Is Bored } on *:SIGNAL:mta.text:{ if ($3 == brb) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) Will Be Right Back! Reason: $4- } if ($3 == bbl) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) Will Be Back Later! Reason: $4- } What is ROng With it The txt wont work but the Command !bored will
  14. FFCFoo

    !tempBan script

    thanks ill see if it works
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