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  1. cool you know, i have ADSL , other 56K package, and i can switch to other internet package, if i want, and i have dymanic IP too.... ops...
  2. YOU JUST posted website with trainers in it... sure... MTA team will delete that link lol
  3. wat go on, jay's ip : CantSeeMe's ip :
  4. 1.Completed "Team-Play" Not Skin Team, It's Blue and red Team. With blue and red radar color , blue and red name under player's body 2.Capture the Car 1st team defence bullet-proof Washington and 2nd team steal it to garage. 3.Tournament Ultimate Race. Choosable Track Script ( Like in Sunshine's Race ), And Wait in lobby before your turn come. and race !!! 4.Rambo Minigun will be spawned randomly, who get in first will be rambo , and kill other player very easy with unlimited bullet !!! , TARGET is RAMBO ! kill him and get his MINIGUN ! 5.Hostage Rescue 3 Players will be hostage at Haitain's Drug Factory with Haitain's Security Guard , Another Team is police, kill all Guards , and help Hostage out ! ( if Hostage die police will lose, but if Haitain kill hostage , Haitain will lose ) 6.Escape From Prison 2 Players is prisoner , 10-20 Polices around city and prison , PRISONER must go to Airport and don't die. Hey , don't have me , if it's bad thing , or hard thing. It's jut my idea
  5. Ummm...... GtaT 0.5 another great Multiplayer Mod featurelist : http://www.gta-tournament.tk lol ! that one is a fake ! http://www.gtat.org
  6. I'm using Windows XP Pro SP1. But running Client and Game on 98/ME Compatible mode. I can get in and play well I can kill people. People can kill me. My all actions are registered. Same on WinXP and 2000 Only 2 things happened on 98/ME mode 1.I can't SPRINT. 2.No Color on Text in Client. I want to know , why other people keep saying about "Action not registered , Can't kill people , and more: on 98/ME mode...
  7. I just want to talk to my self Don't call me MAD LoLZ *Is That MooMapper Is For Mapping Inside Cow's Body !?!?! ( This is very hard to create world's map , but i will try it ! ) My World Map will be release on next 40 years.... JUST WAIT
  8. Can You Develop MTA : VC For Windows 98SE.... I really want to play it ( can't wait to play GtaT V0.5b ) another question !!! how can i get to Router Config And open some ports... I can't see server after refresh it ( GtaT ) they said open router config and open port 2xx/xxx
  9. Mhahahahahaha.... ( bad sound laugh ) Whahahahahaha.... ( arhhh still bad ) Guahahahahaha.... Well.. I will come up with better laugh later ! I just found a great website ! http://www.gta3mods.de/gtavc_editor.php it's GTA VC Editor Tool I like Mission Editor And City SCM Editor
  10. I really want it , give it to me My friend is waiting to play my crazy map, lolz
  11. When I Started Game On MTA : VC 0.2 This Will Load And Take Me To Character Selection And I Hear Car Start Sound , And My Computer Crash ! I Tried This About 30 Times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Not Work !!!!!!! CAN'T P-L-A-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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