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  1. I don't see the problem with the 250 objects limit. As said before, you can use 1000 objects but only 250 in a seperate area
  2. Most of them look not so very hard. Some are, (or just pure luck?) like when you jump into the parking lot
  3. The blue core is the main thing where MTA is build upon. MTA 3 & VC didn't have the Blue Core, it's just shooting around. MTA SA uses the Blue core, and it allows a lot of options as you know.
  4. Mods aren't allowed, so custom cars won't be there I think
  5. When will the first scripts will be posted (and explained?) edit: by the way, just curious. Is there a function to get high? You know, in some mission with the Truth you have to burn all the weed, and you get high. Your screen all starts to shake and stuff
  6. The Beyond


    haha nice work
  7. Is there a 250 objects limit?
  8. There are lot of maps where you can race - and spawn - properly without bumping in on eachother. That's just how the map is created.
  9. Where do you got that from? I can't remember I heard something like that It's just a function/lots of functions so you can integrate it into your own game-mode.
  10. I re-uploaded Abandoned World..hope people won't mess around.
  11. The Beyond


    Damn you're sick dude! I bet I couldn't do them normal, and you do it upside-down
  12. They are working on that one...Correct me if i'm wrong.
  13. Haha lol I could knew that, but is there any way (maybe for the MTA Development team) to activate that Truth skin?
  14. Any vehicle can be added But why wasn't it already in race then?
  15. sigh And by the way, can't you use a normal topic title?
  16. A scripting-teacher who doesn't know how to script?
  17. Just a small suggestion: Is it possible to add The Thruth's Hippie-van to DM? Thanks
  18. Hey, I was just wondering something. Why does the object list in SA contains Vice City & even GTA3 objects? For example, in the race editor -> fences you will find a "panlantic" construction fence. That was used in GTA3!. And in the "Structures -> Ramps" directory you find a ramp used in GTA VC for boats. Why does SA contains old objects? And I can't remember I saw those objects: never found a panlantic construction fence in SA.
  19. The Beyond


    Should I make it bigger then?
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