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  1. Yeah you will win the MTA Deathmach installer
  2. The Beyond


    Hey! I had some idea which just popped into me. It's a sort of pacman idea! There are 8 'pacmans' (baggage cars), which have to get the checkpoints. There are also 15 'ghosts' (SUV's) which have to chase and kill the pacmans. Easy, isn't it? Bit of a cops n robbers idea but with a new style. Some screenies! Overall view: It starts when the pacmans have to get the first checkpoints. There is a fence which is so low only the baggage cars cant get through. You see it here: only baggage cars can get the first checkpoint. It looks pretty simple from above, but it's quite confusing when ingame. There is also one helicopter spawn. He can supervise or something Or Block some ways.
  3. I guess you can do that also with the Lua scripting... if( $attached_on == "heli" ) { dont_die(); } or something
  4. He's right too: just some glue on the heli and shoot!
  5. The Beyond

    Offroad R1dE

    Why? Notice that that will be a complete chaos: 32 players packed on eachother, starting backwards
  6. The Beyond

    Offroad R1dE

    Cool map! Only, do you start backwards?
  7. The Beyond


    How do you know english then? lol okay smart ass, i learnt English after learning Lua. i have a Lua -> english translater which is how i learnt.
  8. The Beyond


    How do you know english then?
  9. The Beyond


    Hello world in LUA: # Hello World in lua print "Hello world" lol, that looks easy (source) I know pretty much about PHP, will that help?
  10. I know what you're thinking...
  11. Aaargh my middle-finger hurts from scrolling all the way down. Nice map, but the upside-down road is an old trick And, you know you can raise the wheels of the rustler by pressing 2, right
  12. I'm also done converting the looping-tool to a web-based generator. Both the helix and looping tool are -online- ready to use. I'm also busy with a pop-up map so you can point where you want your helix/looping. The link is at the generator page itself, but doesn't work yet. To show people the output of this magic tool: woot! Thanks a lot ricket007! OK, i'll now stop spamming this thread
  13. if you can't help don't post. Str8 Nasty, you can get the downgrade patch here He sorry man, but i was a little confused. Thought it was some kind of noob didn't knew he needs GTA to play MTA. No offence str8
  14. OK, I will e-mail it soon Do you have any knowledge of PHP (website language)? Otherwise it's quite useless to e-mail it isn't it
  15. I already made it, called Abandoned World. For screens check on top of this page.
  16. I've just finished the online creator. The design is downloaded, i've converted the excel sheet to a website by hand. It isn't tested yet (there need to be some checks, you can fill in empty forms now ), but it works. I will work it out soon. And, maybe i will fix the loops too (it's now for helix) BUT! Only if I get your permission MTA Loop generator
  17. I hope the surpise is special QA-team MTA-accounts for everybody with the nickname "The Beyond"
  18. Hey people. I've got a suggestion/bug I want to report. The thing is, when you park your car next to a object in GTA. Then look to your car, on the side of which the building is. The camera comes closer. To clear it up; i've made a screenshot. Here it is: link. I've placed my car on the left of the hill. When I look to the right, the camera comes closer to the car. Now the point in MTA is, when I place an object in the map editor, and stand next/onto it, and move the camera, you can look through the object. I've made another screen, in MTA: link. You can see, i've took a hill object, and then i moved the camera down. I can look through the object. It would be cool if it can be fixed.
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