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  1. no effence but this i sounding very nerdy
  2. hehe but as i say nothing is better than final fantisy 8
  3. *yawn* sa is boring i have clocked it 100% 3 times on ps2 and once on xbox and atm 60% xbox again i will get sa wen dm is released
  4. i cant be bothered buying sa and i will not and cannot download it so thats why i dont sa script
  5. Squall

    MOTD Help

    easy all u gotta do is make the text in word or w/e and save as rtf then upload it and supply the link to the hoster or w/e via My Fave or reach me on msn wen ur on next if this is andy mayled or w/e
  6. any one here but me actally make scripts for MTA VC or just MTA SA because all the new script requests are all Mta sa
  7. Squall


    hehehe do u got msn wait lemme guess [email protected] well im [email protected]
  8. Squall


    hav u got the 1 wid the really fat guy wid cancer
  9. Squall


    if any one needs a mta VC script made put the details here and i will make them oh and houseMD love the name love the tv show
  10. i dont sa script not till dm released
  11. jst face it u cant script and you r a scammer
  12. r u f*ked in da head SanZoR
  13. u thinking of ur self again??
  14. ok im sorry. There is a txt file called script.txt i am gonna edit it
  15. Squall

    Still waiting

    i need more script ideas for mta.vc so that i dont get bored with no ideas
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