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  1. Why are there no updates anymore at the Tutorials page?
  2. Eh, not really. Your helixgenerator is making loops... Might want to fix that. Yup, noticed that. Will be fixed soon. Light, please post some code with your message, so we can help.
  3. Maybe there are some Lua codes for this issue?
  4. Place it somewhere your car can't go? For example: you want a rock to be moved. You make a cube out of fence objects (the cube is floating in the air), you place the rock in it, and under the cube you put the well-known explosion barrel. When you hit the barrel, the rock moves, correct me if i'm wrong
  5. I think the MTA team focusses more on DM now.
  6. Can the MTA Team (Blokker) make a :script: command in the admin panel of this forum? If someone types :script: you'll see "yes, that can be done through scripting"
  7. The loop generator and the helix generator are finished. They can be viewed online at Xorpio Media.nl.tt/projects/mta. No explanation necessary I think ?
  8. The Beyond


    Well nevermind I just remembered I also uploaded it onto Littlewhitey
  9. The Beyond


    Ehm where did you played it? I only remember i've uploaded it to mictech, but it's deleted there
  10. The Beyond


    Actually I never uploaded this map: it sucks. It's quite confusing when ingame, those walls are all around you. I think a top-view will do the trick but from now that's quite impossible
  11. It's the top of the Mount Chiliad. I found a map once with airplanes, and that was the spawnpoint. When (in the map editor) you go to objects or something, you saw the objects rotating with on the background the airplanes edit:
  12. Okay, I want to start a discussion about Destruction Derby's (DD's). What do you like in a DD? In my opinion, DD's have to be small and simple. Just like Chess DD for example. Not to many vehicle pickups (Actually, I like it when it have NO vehicle pickups) and not to many with levels. There are DD's that I just don't call DD's anymore but complete mazes. It has hidden stuff everywhere. People will drive around looking for how to get the pickups, instead of the point of DD's: Killing eachother! The people who are not interested in those pickups drive around and bump eachother off. The people who are looking for the pickups, stay alive and win most of the time. What do you guys think? Like it when it's 'a maze' or when it's just a simple platform?
  13. You forgot to turn Respawn off
  14. When you do right button -> Save as you get the source of this topic. What you have to do is copy the URL to your adress bar: http://www.pivpiv.com/n/screenshots/need%20a%20cola%20dd.map And save it
  15. Not a good idea. People will abuse it, just like MTA:VC. In MTA:VC when you press esc you can't die (people can put 100000 bullets in you but you won't die). So some people press esc when someone's shooting at him.
  16. And how does SA-MP lists the kills?
  17. That idea was already discussed somewhere else..
  18. It's a quick preview video...nothing more, nothing less . btw. forgot to mention that there's no way players can "escape". The entire area is surrounded by an invisible wall. You can't swim underneath the island or fly over the barriers . You can also just use the shark script
  19. Hey people. Sorry for my lack of activity in this topic. I've been really busy lately for school and stuff. So unfortunatly there's not much time for me to work on the generator. Yeah, I know the problems of the negative values, also the coordinates picker who just doesn't work at all (When you select the airport the loop comes into catalina's place, wtf) so i'm kinda busy working on that, when I have time. Also rickets007 has come with some great ideas for the tool itself such as changes for the lay-out. I will fix that when I have time for it. Sorry for you all who wants the tool to be done
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