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  1. MISTO

    Super desync

    I'm not sure about it but i think it comes when I leave a vehicle while drive by is enabled.
  2. MISTO

    Super desync

    Sometimes, I don't know why, I get superdesynced: When the others players are shooting, i don't see it, People see me shooting in opposite way of where i am aiming. I can't see driveBy too. The only right thing is the payer's position. It's weird...
  3. They are feeling strong behind their keyboard but they still are pissing in their pants. Cheats must make them cum or smth...
  4. I have found a way to solve the problem. With the compatibility set to win 98, it crashes a little bit later. So i went to settings and i disabled everything in the video section.
  5. Same problem. And before it crashed, i sometimes see the san andreas menu clipping.
  6. The thing i was thinking about is to remove a rock or a small house to make a secret base hidden in the coutryside
  7. Ow about an option that allows to delete some objects of the real san andreas map?
  8. Just like the boat in the video?
  9. Here is my idea: an option that allows to explode an object. Ex: I made the Kwai Bridge. Is someone uses an explosive charge on the bridge, the bridge explode and dissapears.
  10. MISTO


    That makes me fear, I hope those stupid hackers wont fuck mta up when it'll be released R.I.P. sa-mp...
  11. But the bad thing is that we can't use SAAC
  12. June, i guess, It's allways June...
  13. How about scripts for noobs? Ex: The ctf script for noob It's a script for capture of the smth with some big arows that say: "type the blueteam spawn here" "set the capture vehicle here" "modify that number to set the party's time" "don't change those lines, you fool!" Ya see what i mean?
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